Updated 5/13/06

In addition to the Following Rules... Due to the fact that teams will be in short supply of Alternates, Captains may recruit a character with no skill above 20. They may recruit no more than 3 such characters to prevent teams from hording them.

Also of note, We will be accepting sign-ups right up until the start of the draft the Hosts will update the current list in the post office.

1. League Structure:
The Spurian Gladiators' Association (SGA) is the organization that hosts the SGA League games. For each SGA season, new teams are formed. Over the course of the season, each team will play all other teams three times, in accordance with a schedule created in advance by league officials. This schedule will be posted before league play starts.

1.1 Team Size:
Each SGA team shall have a maximum roster size of 12 gladiators, and may field up to 6 gladiators in each match. If a team has more than 6 gladiators present for a match, the team captain determines which of the team's gladiators will play in the match.

1.2 Game Time:
Games for the 13th SGA season will be held on Sundays, starting at 9:00 PM EST. There will be three rounds of matches on each game day.

1.3 League Scoring:
For each match, teams get 10 points per kill and 2 points per team member who survives to the end of the match. If a team fails to field a full 6 gladiators in the match, the missing gladiators will be counted as deaths for that team and kills for the opposing team. The maximum score a team can get for any match is 72 points; that would require killing everyone on the opposing team and having 6 survivors.

All matches will have a 25-minute time limit. Anyone who dies after time expires will be counted as having survived the match.

League officials will post updated scores after each game day. These results will include the scores from each match of that game day, as well as the total points each team has compiled for the season.

2. Pre-Match Rules:

2.1 Location of games:
The portal to the SGA games will appear at the Out of Character Inn, and gladiators are responsible for making sure they can get there on game days. People in Treehaven, Rathan, Saldaea, or other far-flung regions will not be transported to the games. Arrangements will be made for those exiled from Spur.

2.2 Late arrivals on game day:
Gladiators who arrive after the portal to the games has closed may REPORT that they wish to be transported to the games. No gladiators will be allowed to enter a match in progress, even if their team is fielding fewer than 6 gladiators, but gladiators who arrive late will be allowed to play for their team in subsequent matches.

2.3 No leaving the games and returning:
After the first match of the day has started, gladiators who step out of the green room portal will not be allowed back into further SGA matches that game day. Gladiators are responsible for making sure they have all the runes and equipment they will need for the entire day's games, before they arrive for the games.

2.4 Silence for league announcements:
League officials may call for silence in order to make announcements. When the league officials call for silence, all gladiators are expected to be quiet. This means that they should not speak or use any actions. If they have questions or comments that they need to make, they should raise their hands and wait until a league official asks them to speak. This includes after the round when officials are scoring the match.

If a gladiator fails to be silent, league officials may, at their discretion, penalize that gladiator's team by subtracting 1 point from the team's season score.

3. Match Rules:

3.1 Privacy for planning:
Gladiators must respect their opponents' right to plan strategy in private. This means that gladiators may not enter the opposing team's end of the arena before the match has started. League officials may, at their discretion, subtract points from the score of any team whose gladiators fail to observe this rule, or kill gladiators prior to the match in the case of flagrant offenses.

Gladiators are allowed to go to the center room of an arena before the one minute warning, so they can look into their opponents' starting room and see who they will be fighting.

All gladiators and observers not participating must remain in the green room until the match starts to provide privacy for planning without being overheard from the viewing rooms. Entering the arch before the match starts will result in penalties to the team who's players do so. Up to and including being removed from the arena.

3.2 Time Signals:
For each match, time signals will be given at the following times:
2 minutes before the match starts.
1 minute before the match starts.
When the match starts.
15 minutes after the match starts.
20 minutes after the match starts.
When the match ends.

3.3 Prohibited actions:
The following actions are prohibited:
Attacking pets
Attacking with pets
Praying for anything other than healing or vigor.
Using Psi slow, Psi disrupt.
Using any potions or herbs, other than those that give vigor.
Using any magickal items. (any item that casts a spell is banned)
Pushing down, pouncing, or tackling opponents.
Treating or laying hands on opponents.
Translocating including trans to spells.
Coaching or aiding your team once you are dead.
Leaving the arena before the match is over.
Once dead you may not reveal those hiding, or scroll the room or another player.
No magickal familiars.
No storms
No pre zerking.
No Secian Shuffle - There must be an action in between
If you are unclear what any of this means, ask your captain.

Additional Rules

Using exploding throws such as the volatile liquids is forbidden.

If you have any questions about any of the rules ask your captain.

The following actions are allowed during the first 15 minutes of the match, and prohibited after 15 minutes:
Hiding including blending auras
Praying for healing or vigor

At the 20 minute mark any players still hidden must reveal themselves.

3.4 End of match:
When all gladiators on a team have been killed, both captains shall REPORT that the match is over. Surviving gladiators should drag all the dead gladiators from both sides to the center room of their SGA arena and wait there until a league official arrives to tally the score and restore the dead to life.

When the dead are raised, dead gladiators will be asked who killed them, for the purpose of tallying individual gladiator kill totals. The "killer" should be whoever the dead gladiator feels contributed most towards the kill -- this can be whoever landed the killing blow, whoever did the most damage, or even whoever webbed or confused the dead gladiator, at the dead gladiator's discretion.

3.5 Disconnection's:
There is no penalty for being disconnected during a match, if the disconnected gladiator returns to play before the match ends. If the disconnected gladiator doesn't return until after the match is over, the disconnection will be counted as a kill.

3.6 System Crash:
If Dragon's Gate crashes during a match, play is immediately suspended. Gladiators are expected to return as soon as they can, but they shall not resume combat until after the league officials give the signal to resume. League officials will give a two-minute countdown to the restarting of the matches, and they will not restart the matches until they feel that most gladiators have had ample time to return to DGate after the crash.

Any gladiators who died before the crash, but find themselves alive when they return, will be counted as dead and must report their status to the administrators as soon as they return. Such gladiators must either leave the arena immediately or be killed before the match restarts.

4. Registering for the SGA:

The steps for registering for the SGA are:
Send the league officials your registration information. Email BOTH and, and Skyp2john@
Show up on game day.
Pay a one-time entry fee of 10 gold.

4.1 How do I send in my registration information?
To send in your registration, you must write to the league officials. Your message to the league officials must state the following information:
The full name of your gladiator.
The race of your gladiator.
The class of your gladiator (or stage instead of class, if it's a dragon).
If you are able and willing to be a captain.

4.2 Where do I show up on game day?
The portal to the SGA games will appear at the Out of Character Inn shortly before the first match of the day is scheduled to start. Be there on time, then go through the portal to get to the games.

4.3 How do I pay the entry fee?
Bring 10 gold with you to the games, on the day you first show up to play for your team. Give the gold to your team captain. Team captains are responsible for paying the full entry fee for their entire team to the league officials.

5. Team Formation:

SGA teams may have up to 12 gladiators, including the captain. Teams are formed through the following process:

5.1 Selecting the captains:
Before the season starts, the league officials will choose potential captains. League officials will send these potential captains e-mail that includes a list of the other captains. A list of gladiators has been maintained and updated in the games forums so as to be accesable by all captains and other gladiators. This is being done in leu of the e-mailed list to allow for people to sign up right up till the start of the draft

Potential captains will be asked to rate each other, from strongest to weakest, and send e-mail with their ratings to the league officials before the team formation meeting. League officials will create a rating list of potential captains, from strongest to weakest, based on these peer ratings. These rankings will determine the draft order. In addition, in the event one of the selected captains does not show for the draft or it is determined we will need more teams than originally planned additional captains may be chosen from those who attend the draft meeting.

5.2 Selecting the teams:

Captains will choose one gladiator at a time from the pool of registered gladiators, until all the registered gladiators have been picked. The order of picking will be determined by the captain ratings, with the weakest captain selecting first and the strongest captain selecting last to start. Picking order will reverse.

6. Miscellaneous issues:

6.1 Acting captains:
If a captain is needed for some official function (e.g., choosing new team members in the supplemental draft) but isn't present, any team members present may choose an acting captain to act on the captain's behalf.

6.2 Midseason rule changes:
If circumstances call for a midseason rule change, the league officials will submit the proposed change to the team captains for a vote. In order to pass, the proposed change must be supported by at least two-thirds of the captains.

6.3 Bug Abuse and League Rule Violations:
Any gladiators who abuse bugs or violate league rules will be penalized in whatever ways the league officials see fit. Possible penalties include warnings, being counted as killed in the match, being banned from league play for the remainder of the season, or (in cases of severe bug abuse, at elder discretion) being banned from Dragon's Gate. Team scores may also be adjusted as the league officials see fit, if they feel the situation calls for it.

Good Luck to all of you
~Greolin , Tchori, Stanrar~
Those SGA guys