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Goddess Touched

The moon does shine on her silken hair
Laying softly across shoulders bare
Gleaming golden in shadowed night
Glowing warmly like the sunís own light

Look into her eyes and you will see
Warmth, love, and tranquility
All those trapped in her ruby gaze
Find their thoughts in a dreamlike haze

Her skin soft as rose petals, smooth as satin
Ethereal, glistening, pearlescent
Unblemished hue of purest white
Mirroring the beauty of her inner light

Form so fine, so elegant and beauteous
Alluring, voluptuous, gorgeous
A living sculpture of loveliness and grace
The very meaning of perfection embraced

Her name is fitting for one loved such
For one so clearly Goddess touched
One word flows from the windís soft sigh
Whispered far and whispered nigh

By Sast Silverleaf
Dedicated to his beloved
Magenta Silverleaf

Published on the 6th day of the 1st month in the year 320 (5/19/05)