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Love from Afar

I loved you from afar

from a distant place

but close in my heart.

I gaze upon you,

day by day.

I think the words

I dare not say.

Once you loved me,

I know you did,

That is gone now,

like sand through a sieve.

I loved you truely,

but now I shed no tear

Friends we were.

Friends we remain.

In my heart though,

I love you dear.

I shall not speak

those words to you.

I shall only hold them near,

for the day you remember

and we are together again.

Til then

I shall love you once more

from afar

and as we always said

wish on that same star.

For the love we had,

the love we knew,

friends we once were,

friends again,

and a love

forever true.

By: Anonymus

The 20th day of the 10th month in the year 319 (4/10/05)