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The Meaning of Life

By the Bright Amethyst, Relawen

The forest renewed, pulses with life
And curiosity awakens the soul.
Questions, like buds, spring forth from within
Stirring the heart as we watch new leaves start,
The season’s cycle playing its role.

The question had been put to me
One day as the sun shone bright
A wise Drake’s answer earnestly sought:
“A source of strife, by word or knife—
What, then, is the meaning of life?
For the answer lies beyond mortal sight.”

Even Drakes as wise as I
Must learn in order to teach,
So off I flew on Spring’s first breath.
Before too long, hearing a song
With voices that seemed to follow along
I came upon a beach.

Wondrous Secians laughed on the shore
Dancing and singing aloud,
“Celebrate the warmth of sun and life!”
I danced with them, the gentle gems,
But had to leave, lest time condemn
And reluctantly left for the clouds.

In summer I found a field of battle
Where a fallen Leuian lay.
He quietly pondered what lay ahead—
A day of grace, far from this place,
His honor proven, he had won his race
And, in peace, could end his day.

War took all he had, and more
And left him one last dawn.
He dreamed of those who gave him hope:
His loving bride, his family’s pride;
I left him lying where he died
And continued on.

Autumn brought news of Usils wed
Under the full moon’s halo’d bliss.
Leaves danced round the happy sight
Mothers wept while daylight slept
A brother’s silence wisely kept
As the couple share love’s kiss.

The wedding feast commenced with haste
Bringing an end to their war;
Their gifts worth far more than they knew:
The silent din of relieved kyn
Forgiveness for a brother’s sin
The family united once more.

I soared among the winter skies
Where a graveyard loomed below,
And a Human girl in tattered dress
With bitter tears, and wasted years
Unspoken words and silent fears
She watered the soil with woe.

Yet through her pain she could recall
Memories for which she gave thanks:
Harvest time when the moon was round
A mother’s eyes, blueberry pies,
The sunset at dusk when she caught butterflies
As a child on the riverbanks.

I left the graveyard far behind
And returned to where I’d begun;
In all I had seen, the answer was found
Between windswept towers, the passing hours
Bloodstained fields with blooming flowers
That herald the coming sun.

The meaning of life, is simply to live
As we aspire to things great or small;
As it’s been said, ‘tis better to live
Through celebration, devastation
Winter frost or Spring’s creation
Than to never have lived at all