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What Price Victory?

In a far off, distant land
A king within his kingdom planned
To wage a war, to make a stand
And live on in history.

A neighboring king answered the call
Confident he would not fall
And told his subjects, one and all
They would defeat the foe with glee.

Soon the air was filled with noise
No time now for grace and poise
Forging weapons, and other toys
They worked far into the night.

Battle hymns prepared with haste
Standards raised and doubts erased
Each kingdom their opponents faced
They were ready for the fight.

Trumpets blared and longswords clattered Emblems frayed and tabards tattered Bones and morals both were shattered As the day grew long and warm.

Green turned to red on the grassy field
Two stubborn kings refusing to yield
Their subjects' fates instead were sealed By the madness of the storm.

Mistake ignored, they continued on
From king down to the smallest pawn
Day to dusk, and dusk to dawn
They swept the field like a flood.

Their children who forevermore
Would see their homeland nevermore
Fought the battle evermore
And ended their days in blood.

As morning came, no sound was heard
On the land below, no one stirred
Not a soul was left to utter a word
Death had claimed them all.

Banners, once flowing, now lay still
A solemn monument in the morning chill
The world moved on atop that hill
It cares not whether kingdoms fall.

In the distance was heard a dragon's sigh She had seen them fight, seen them die She heard their lonely mothers cry And stretched her amethyst wings.

She said, "Lives lost by king's command
Are too brief to follow the deadly demand They were meant to be treasured, not spilled over land For wars, or petty things."

Author: The Bright Amethyst, Relawen

The 19th day of the 2nd month in the year 320 (6/10/05)