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Mythic Entertainment specializes in multi-user recreational computer software. Founded as Adventures Unlimited Software, Inc. (AUSI) by Mark Jacobs in 1987 (before going through a merger and two name changes), Mythic Entertainment's intent is to create lively, entertaining environments in which people interact, cooperate and compete socially. Our products are created with one theme in mind: “By the gamers, for the gamers.” Our open forum policy allows us to get direct feedback from our users. It is also our interest to accept any and all suggestions for the improvement and further development of Mythic Entertainment, as we continually endeavor to provide better games for your enjoyment.

Abandon all preconceived notions, ye who enter here. This may look like someplace you've been, but Dragon's Gate is unique unto itself and holds many surprises for you. Please don't assume anything based on experiences you have had elsewhere or else when, because there is a good chance that the answer won't be what you expect. We encourage you to read the manual, which contains many hints and suggestions on surviving and excelling in this new world of Dragon's Gate. Common sense will always be your best companion.

About the Manual

The Dragon’s Gate manual contains important information for getting around the game world. Not only does it include mechanical information pertaining to skills and rune magic, but it also includes important characteristics of the races, classes, and major religions that will help you to role-play your character. We have included as much information as possible to help you begin your Dragon’s Gate experience.

The guidelines in the manual serve as a basis for your character, as well as help you to interact with other characters. Be sure to read through the manual and don’t be afraid to ASSIST for help in game, or ask your fellow players. Also available are in-character(IC) boards and out-of-character (OOC) boards, where you can find out more information about the game world both from players, or interact with other characters IC’ly. A link to those boards is available on the Dragon’s Gate Website, under the Boards link. If you find yourself totally unable to get the answers you need, feel free to email the staff member who would fit the appropriate category of your question and we’d be happy to help you find an answer to your question!

The Manual

I. Elders and Guides

II. Policies

III. Notes on Combat and Healing and Death


IV. Notes on Advancement

V. The concept of Role-Play

VI. Gaming Hints

VII. The Geography of Dragon's Gate

VIII. Time & Death

IX. A Commonsense Guide to Staying Alive in Dragon's Gate

X. The Races of Dragon's Gate

XI. Characteristics

XII. The Classes

XIII. The Religions

XIV. A Guide to the SKILLS you learn. (updated: 11/11/05)

XV. Doing Business in Dragon's Gate

XVI. Magick

XVII. Getting Around in Dragon's Gate

XIII. Credits

XIX. Appendix


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