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The Shadow Caves ...

It was a time when the flux of chaos reigned over all the races. The exact date is forgotten, but the story still remains, passed down from one generation to the next. I recall very clearly now as if it were just yesterday, that this event had transpired, though, I know it was not.


This was a time when Dragons fought for immortality of gods and people admonished each other to no avail. A time before the Councils and the merging of the new. One such tale stands out to me now as plain as I can invision your face as you are reading my words. A tale of two Imperial Dragons, bold and strong. A magnificant Blue Dragon, its colors deeper than the sky itself, had a very nasty disposition. This aged, crotchety blue Dragon sought immortality through the consummation of another's essence. His prey, a kinder bronze Dragon, that may or may not have been Thiarin'a. It is hard to be certain, for my memory fails me here.


Nevertheless, these two had notoriously flew in battle over many places until they came over a forest where I happened to be witness. They battled long and hard againts each other in the skies overhead. The bronze Dragon gained the upper-hand by leading the pursuing blue high into the sky, barely remaining in my sight, even as sharp as my vision was when I was younger. Blinded by the sun, the blue darted in the direction the other had flown and was taken by surprise when, with a powerful beating of its wings, the bronze twisted in mid-flight, returning as straight as an arrow directly at his assailant, and with his claws working in conjunction with each other smashed the Great Blue to the land far below.


Upon the kiss of the ground he left a great impression in the floor beneath him, which was his undoing. The Blue went so deeply that he opened up a Well of Shadows, where darkness and death reside. This one, near Treehaven. There is another also that lies in Life's End. Victorious, the Bronze gracefully lit upon the corpse and relieved the blue of its essence, gaining his own immortality, and with a few magnificent, lively swoops over the trees, left.


It is to be noted that later on, Z'kai, the Shadow Master, was trying to escape from some dimension that he was trapped in and chose this spot as a possible outlet. He opened a rift at the maw of the Imperial's corpse but as I recall was unsuccessful in his endeavors.


I apologize for the lack of splendid detail in my relation of this tale, but my mind is not as sharp on these matters as it were when I was younger. I bid this transcription somehow become useful to you, my fellow man, though seperated by eons of time we may be, the words I scribe here tonight shall continue the link between us all, and give me a bit of immortality myself, if only my brief thoughts and script of passage.


By my hand,
Draemas Nerracan
Noble Human Forester of Elindale"