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LIBRARY SECTION - Here you will find an extensive collection of information for the population of Aradath dealing with history and lore, news agencies, books and poems and songs, artwork, maps, quests, player history, and compositions.  

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Welcome reader to the dark mysteries of Aradath's past ...

Included within these volumes and those to come are the tales of Spur's triumphs, failures, heroes, villains and everything inbetween. Tales of what has been chronicled and recorded since the year 300, and a little of what came before. History often changes with who is telling the story and why they are telling it. While many of these tales have large majority of truths to them, some are twisted by time and memory into a version of what happened. So sit back with a cup of green tea, a mug of ale, a glass of red wine or a bottle of Thugweiser and enjoy .... ~ THE TOMES OF HISTORY ~

Aradath History

History & Lore of the Races ...

Fir Elves (updated: 6/06)
Penthanians: Including notes on Asherak
San Elves (updated: 6/06)
Usil Elves

History & Lore of Aradath's Religion ...

Unknown (updated: 7.10.06)
The Garden of the Flowers of Dreaming (4.20.05)

Assorted History of Aradath's past ...

Soros (found and added 7/06)

  • The Saga of Soros
  • Soros & The White Dove
  • Kyria & Poindexter
  • The Fall of Soros, pt. 1
  • The Fall of Soros, pt. 2
  • Is He really Gone?
  • A Flerian's Tale
  • More on Soros
  • The Power of a Word
  • A Hint of Soros, Pt. 1
  • A Hint of Soros, Pt. 2
  • Heroes & Villains

  • High Sorceress Aiena, Lord General of Taath
  • The Tale of Soros the Conquerer, the Lord of Deception
  • The Journal of Medares
  • A Study of the Alarian Race
  • World Affecting Events

  • The Dark Army (Added:7.10.06)
  • The Ancient History of Aradath
  • The Chronicles of Pel
  • The Tale of the Octogon
  • The Burning of Treehaven, Secian View
  • The Burning of Treehaven, Frontacian View
  • Elvynkind Legacy (added:6/06)
  • OOC History Meeting in 2000 (added:7/06)
  • The Darkness of Heart (added:9/07)
  • Cities & Surrounding Areas

  • The Tale of Rathan
  • The Rijom Mound
  • History of Emjedah
  • Boathouse Ruins
  • The Tale of Treehaven
  • The Shadow Caves
  • The Pyramids and Oasis (updated: 7.21.05)
  • Valley of Ruins/Temple of Truth (updated: 7.21.05)
  • The Mud People’s Village (updated: 8.7.05)
  • The Lords of Chaos

  • The Beginning
  • Moloch, The Lord of Death
  • Evoloch, The Lord of Change
  • Arioch, The Master of Chaos
  • The Rings of Arioch
  • Lord Priest Maloveous
  • Lore of Dragon's Gate ...

    Dear Readers,

    The gathering of tales, songs and poems you will find within there archives is the work of the Sages Guild of Spur. Over countless decades tales of every subject imaginable have been carried down through the generations, songs sung by bards, and poems written by talented poets. While not all of these tales may be true, and many have been changed and forgotten as time goes on, they are presented here regardless for your enjoyment. Should you yourself have tales of lore you wish to add, the Sages guild welcomes such additions to their archives in an attempt to have the largest world chronicle of lore in existence.

    Tales of The Land

  • The Time that Land Forgot
  • The History of the Shack
  • A Strange Resident of Spur
  • The Darkness of Heart
  • Assassins and Excursions
  • The Lord of Deception
  • A Wolf in the Fold
  • Prophecies of the Wanderer
  • Our Origins
  • History of the Mystic Phantom Dragon Inn
  • The Sundred Isle of Tanga

  • Monsters & Creatures

  • Legend of the Mutana-al

  • Bardic Lore

  • The Balad of Toren and Isa
  • The Forgotten
  • The End of the Beginning
  • Untitled
  • Sorrow
  • The Forgotten Ones
  • From the Eye of the Palantir
  • Music
  • Night Moves
  • A Bardic Tale

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