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Diegan Renaud

Autobiography ...

Frontacian Fighter

• 4th day of the 7th month in the year 312

Cursed day. How I hate life. I awoke to find myself in common clothes, dressed like a human, a beast. I am Frontacian, how can this be? How could the house of Renaud have fallen in such a way? How could fellow members of the high race cohort with humans to cause the downfall of another? How could the house of Marlow cut off alliances to work with Humans? Do they have no dignity? No, they are no longer Frontacian. They are mere beast that will be culled. Those that are of the house of Marlow shall pay for their treachery. My house, the house of Renaud, shall live on. Today, I take up a new name, a new identity. I shall take up the name of Renaud in memory of the royal family.

Oh this day I begin my journey, reborn as

Diegan Renaud

• 5th day of the 7th month in the year 312

Today, I began my training. I enlisted as a member of the mercenary guild. I went through several trainings exercises and practice test. All were successfully accomplished with ease. After all, I am Frontacian, and a commander of the southern legions of the House of Renaud. How could I possibly fail such simple tasks? Tomorrow, I shall begin my first missions for the mercenary guilds. I will not fail.

• 6th day of the 7th month in the year 312

Again, the tasks that were put forth by the guild were accomplished with ease. The mission proved to be of little difficulty. These tasks were obviously made for by a mere lesser. A simpleton could have easily accomplished the escort of supplies to Spur. However, since my visit of Spur I have begun to think. I could possibly to many great things in that city. For now though, I shall sleep on it.

• 9th day of the 7th month in the year 312

I grow tired of these little trivial missions. Tomorrow I shall collect my pay for my work thus far and leave the mercenaries guild. I shall continue to train on my own and work for myself. As I reflect on my time here some questions burn inside of me. How dare I work for the profit of lessers. What was I thinking? I cannot recall such shame in awhile. Not since my messengers had told me of the collapse of the royal house of Renaud have I felt such humility. Having to be smuggled out of my own homeland looking like some commoner. Being helpless and not able to defend those that I had pledged my allegiance to. Not being able to be at the side of the royal family as our former allies, the Marlows, and humans from the north infiltrated the palace. Finally, leaving my homeland unable to stay and rally troops to remove the foes that occupied that palace. Alas, there was nothing I could do. If I had stayed they surely would have not let me live long enough to gather support to overthrow their most recent victory. No, I am Frontacian, this should have never happened. I should have been able to overcome whatever obstacles were in my path. I have since thought and concluded that I shall travel to Spur as my next step to amend these past grievances.

• 11th day of the 7th month in the year 312

Today I entered Spur. Never have I seen so many lesser gathered around in mass, unshackled and without supervision. The mere sight of this made my stomach turn. Don’t these infidels know that when they are in the presence of the Frontacian? They should take their place and bow before my visage. An unruly looking Hithual, who does not seem to know his place, exchanges “pleasantries” with me while I explore the land. He however, shall learn. I have seen many humans travel the area of Spur as well. I shall soon know how this new land embraces me. It shall be interesting.

• 27th day of the 7th month in the year 312

It as been quite awhile since I first entered Spur. My knowledge of the area grows with each passing day. While traveling about town I ran into a familiar face. I could see hints of my late mother and father on this individual. He looked at me with the same inquiring eyes. He was Frontacian, who had a similar build as I. I finally asked him about his past. Slowly the truth was revealed. The Frontacian, was my brother. Langiger, a brother I once knew as a young child. We recounted the past and then moved towards the future. He told me of his adventures with Varx Renaud, a man who mentored my brother and myself when we were young. Varx embraced us like his sons, when my parents had fallen. He asserted our positions within the house of Renaud and taught us what it meant to be Frontacian. Sometime after our parent’s death, Varx took my brother Langiger along with him on his diplomatic missions for the house of Renaud. Since that time, I had not seen my brother or him. It seems I never will see Varx again. My brother tells me that he perished in a tragic accident. As we continued to talk about events that have affected our lives, I was surprised to learn that my brother had not known of the events that had unfolded on our home isle. It seems that Langiger had been cut off with all contact with the home isle since Varx had died. For what it is worth, fate has brought us to this point and together once again. Since our meeting he has taken the name up the name Renaud as well. The future looks bright for my brother and I. Together we shall surge forward, rebuild our great heritage, and take what is rightfully ours.