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LIBRARY SECTION - Here you will find an extensive collection of information for the population of Aradath dealing with history and lore, news agencies, books and poems and songs, artwork, maps, quests, player history, and compositions.  

Welcome to Dragon's Gate official library and archive of information about our game. Please visit often as we will be updating this area frequently with more information as time progresses.

Section Notes
History and Lore This book has the chronicled mysteries of Spur's past. Spur's triumphs, failures, heroes, villains and everything in-between are included within these volumes. If you have articles, papers, or documents you would like to submit for the archives, please contact the Web Master.
The News Agencies News flies about the Spur like a constant pest. And the papers are there to report it. The papers are player run publications about the happenings and mysteries of Spur, and are archived here for your enjoyment. Thanks to the staff, of the papers, for allowing us to link to their respective sites.
Poems and Songs These books contains various poems and songs written by our players. If you would like to display your work to the Dragon's Gate community, please contact the webmaster.
Player Artwork These books provide an array of pictures and artwork submitted by our players. If you would like to display your art work to the Dragon's Gate community, please contact Gia.
Maps This book contains a wealth of detailed maps of the lands of Central Aradath, as well as a general map of the outlay of the entire region. If you have any maps for the archives, please contact the WEB MASTER.
Quests Dragon's Gate offers a wide variety of quests. They include: Quests of knowledge: where possibly a mystery or question is posed and only through a long and arduous quest can the answer be reached. Quests of ability: where you are requested to fulfill a duty or act that is currently beyond your abilities so you must quest to reach a level or find a certain lost master to learn this ability to be able to fulfill the need.
Character Biographies Dragon's Gate owes much of its uniqueness to those characters who populate Aradath. There are innumerable personalities to get acquainted with...or to avoid as best you can! Enjoy getting to know some of our citizens as they share their stories with you.
Compositions These books contain pictures and descriptions of the various compositions utilized in the Aradath.
Adjectives These books contain a list of adjectives utilized in the Aradath.
Instruments These books contain pictures and descriptions of the various instruments utilized in the Aradath.
Aradath Currency These books contain an overview of the current and past currency system of Aradath.
Gems A collection of gems found in Aradath.
Low Level Hunting Areas A collection of hunting spots for those players just starting out. Several areas were left out in hopes of exploration on your own.
Tome of Honor A collection of Leuian beliefs and rituals.
Bonding Book A collection of Dragon and Secian Bonds.

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