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Sapphire Dragon of the Desert

• Tiny heartbeats, one after another. From the womb, I was birthed. Mentally unconscious and unaware of my surroundings. Yes, this is how it all began.

• Nearly a century and a half ago, Reivi'a, the Sapphire of the Desert, gave birth to her first and only daughter. For the first moment, Reivi'a's heart jumped with delight and utter love when her baby's bright, blue sapphire eyes opened and closed slowly at her for the very first time. For but only two weeks after the birthing did Reivi'a stayed in her Draco form. A fine and proud mother did she make even for such a short time. She cared and nurtured well for her new daughter in those two weeks. At the close of those two weeks though, Reivi'a knew she must give her daughter to her chosen foster mother. Reivi'a wished to keep her daughter throughout her entire life, but knew she could not care for her daughter in the coming years.

• So from here, Reivi'a set journey to the nearby city of Tyria, the oasis of the desert. The city itself was a majestic sight. Lined with single and two-story stone houses leading to the center of the city where the great fountain stood. The fountain, which flowed the same water as the crystal blue waters of the nearby lake, was nothing less than breathtaking.

• During the night, Reivi'a came to the house of her trusted human family. Hesitantly, she approached and knocked upon the door. A woman answered the door with a slight gasp followed by a comforting smile towards Reivi'a.

• The foster mother, Tery, knew of Reivi'a's hidden Imperial form, for she was chosen nearly a year before. Reivi'a's only words to Tery were the child's name, "Her name is Mystikal". Tery had no children of her own and was quite grateful to care for the child. With respect and gentle hands, Tery accepted the child into her arms.

• Reluctantly, but with right mind, Reivi'a entrusted her daughter to the family Chogen. Tears streamed down her face as Reivi'a slipped away into the night once her farewells were said. As silent as she came, she also went. Tery never saw Reivi'a again in her Draco form.

• For the next fifteen winters, Mystikal's every need was met with love, compassion, and understanding. She had blossomed into bright young child. With a high intelligence for contemplating and completing her studies, many in her social and education groups admired Mystikal.

• All seemed well within the city of Tyria during Mystikal’s teen years; but of course, with all good stories, peacefulness comes to a sporadic end. During the summer of her fifteenth year, the unimaginable happened to the city of Tyria. A large band of brigands raided the city during the hour of midnight. The raiders took what they could carry and burned what they could not. The raid lasted a lengthy and hellish five hours.

• When the sun rose, nothing much of the oasis city of Tyria stood. Houses smoldered and the smell of death was in the air. What the brigands could take were any gems and gold the deemed valuable, and the women. Mystikal happened to be just one of those captured. Bound in ropes and blindfolded for what seemed to be a day or two. Thoughts of escape shot through her mind, yet to all that her strength allowed, she did not prevail.

• After the fall of the city, a fire-breathing blue beast fell upon the brigands. Few dispersed into smaller groups, while most tried to band against the large beast. Those who escaped were few and those who tried to fight were even fewer.

• Waking rudely to a pull from the horse and thrown to the sands of a cool cave, Mystikal's blindfold was removed. It was a nightly hour and unknown territory. Her wrists and ankles had bled and scabbed, and bled where the scabs cracked. Wincing from the pain she collected herself and stared at the most blackest of eyes she had ever seen. A smell once thought to have been the horses now violated her sensitive nose to the point of nausea.

• The brigand stood a very large height and was broad in the shoulders with disheveled jet, black hair. He began cursing in some tongue Mystikal could not understand and drew a hand against her cheek, creating a loud thwap!. Mystikal’s only thoughts were that he blamed her or her people for the attack upon his party, and for that she was glad. He frowned angrily at Mystikal raising his hand again, slapping her even harder this time. Mystikal withdrew violently and spat in the brigands face with the mixture of spit and blood that trickled slightly from her lower lip. With another small curse and hearty laugh, he began to pummel her, squelching her only scream. Mystikal soon fell unconscious.

• With the next mid day sun, Mystikal woke wanting to never wake again. She was bruised and broken from the beating she received the previous night. Mystikal crawled into the cave and stayed there, hoping the brigand had left her for dead.

• After a day of lying in a heap of bruises, blood, and tears, Mystikal arose. She dragged herself to a nearby watering hole and slumped to her hands and knees and drank.

• Mystikal eventually returned to the decimated city of her home months later. She found nothing but a partial building, bones, and sand.

• For the next two years, she hid and disguised herself. Her face now bore slightly sharper cheekbones and thicker skin protected her entire body. Her eyes were no longer the innocent, sapphire blue but a fiery, glowing red. Vengeance clouded her mind for the years to come.

• From the age of 17 till the age of 20, Mystikal enlisted as a mercenary. She cared little of what she did as long as it was to get the job done. Upon her completion of the mercenary missions, Mystikal joined the Academy of Aradath. Her heart was still cold and mind still ruthless from her mercenary years.

• For the first time, Mystikal was in awe of the various cadets within the Academy, but showed little of it outwardly. There was one cadet thought that caught Mystikal's eye unexpectedly. Erana Healingwonder, a Secian. "Such a beautiful little creature", Mystikal thought, to which Erana turned her eyes exactly upon Mystikal's. Taken aback, Mystikal was approached by this wondrous, tiny creature. Erana greeted Mystikal and was almost overjoyed to see her, as if Erana had known her since birth. What was an awkward meeting became a cadet friendship over time.

• Mystikal soon learned from the Academy about the Dragon race, and finally knew her identity. No longer a carrot dangling in front of her nose, Mystikal’s curiousness of her body’s changes was now known. With this newfound knowledge, a whole new series of questions arose. These questions would not be answered until she would graduate from the Academy and become a Sapphire Drake.

• Mystikal and Erana's friendship grew into a companionship as they both learned and taught each other of their knowledge of the Dragon race. Mystikal's time had come for the first step in the Great Transformation, and with Erana's tender care, they bonded. From much blood, pain, and tears, Mystikal arose as a Drake.

• A couple of weeks after her staging, an Imperial graced Mystikal with its presence. The two had quite an extended conversation, which lasted two days and one night. Mystikal was apprehensive at first, but much welcoming once the Imperial introduced herself. Past memories of the great and the painful were shared with all the reactions and feelings in hearing all.

• Mystikal's questions had finally been answered and her lineage revealed. Upon the end of their meeting, the two embraced. Their hearts were lifted with knowledge that each had survived their own ordeals. From there, they departed ways until their paths would cross again.