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Psionic Telepathy:  Joy or Curse?

[This article was originally presented in the Nov 25, 1996 Issue of the Dragon Fire Chronicles, entitled "Letters to the Editor" by Exyx Worldview.]

Psionic Telepathy:  Joy or Curse?
Greetings, and warnings, to my fellow Psycians.  As you may already be aware, our profound telepathic abilities can be a double-edged sword.  Reaching out and connecting is truly exhilirating.  But those mind messages also annoy and invade the privacy of others.

Trust me, when a band of Psycians fling messages back and forth across the void, annoyance is the mildest word used by some.  Many Spurians have sought my aid in seeking a reprieve from mind assault by my fellow Psycians.  I too felt the chagrin of uninvited psionic thoughts recently, when every word attempted between my fellow adventurers and I was instantly cut off by another telepathic intrusion.  It opened my eyes to the hostility and sheer frustration experienced by other races.

We have the ability to contact each other individually.  No need for mass communication.  No need to interrupt someone else's intricate battle strategy.  No need to butt into private conversations from a great distance.  And definitely no need to die by strangulation because of your talents.

As responsible Spurian citizens,  let's keep in mind that telepathy is a profound gift to be harnessed, not a toy to be trivialized.  Allow fellow Spurians to admire our power and respect our refined skill.  It may be used to their benefit one day, but not if they kill you first.

Allandra Shadowfax

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