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Dragon's Gate

Jacquelin Dupree

Kyshra Sorrowfell
Angelica Takashi
Calondin Flammdwyn


Frontacian/Psycian War pt. 4

[This article was originally presented in the August 15, 1997 Issue of the Dragon Fire Chronicles, entitled "A Brief History of the Frontacian/Psycian War" by Calondin Fflammdwyn.]

The Aftermath

Thus ended the Frontacian Empire and the Isle of Psycia.  As predicted, space folded in on itself, taking the Isle of Psycia from this world in a matter of moments.  In those moments, every latent mind across the known world was brought to operancy by the death scream of thousands of minds.  What was not predicted, except perhaps by one Arachnian aide, was the resultant shock wave that erupted from every bridge anchor across the known world.  In the same instant the brought the destruction of the Psycian homeland, all the magickal bridges that gave the Frontacians their empire erupted in fire and magick gone wild before collapsing into oblivion.  Never would another magickal bridge exist to parallel those destroyed that day.  Although a few have been built since, they are always small bridges, covering short distances.

By design, most of the Frontacian garrisons spread throughout the world were housed in the building that served as bridge anchors.  Units were always ready to move to another location as reinforcements.  This advantageous stationing meant that as the bridges exploded, they obliterated the bulk of the Frontacian forces.  Those that survived were quickly decimated by the local populations.  Although they may not have understood what had happened, at least they knew that whatever it was, it was bad for their Frontacian keepers.

In that one brief moment of time, chaos ran unfettered through the world.  The Isle of Psycia was no more, and the Frontacian Empire, built on the magickal bridges now gone, was destroyed.  The Frontacians fell in on themselves, as their society collapsed under the weight of all their trade suddenly ceasing.  Internal strife ravaged the Frontacian homeland for centuries.

Of the rest of the world, there is little to say.  Those that had been brought low rose up and were once again free.  Any order that had been brought under the unifying force of the Empire dissolved back to the chaos of anarchy.  Eventually, the anarchy faded as each race sorted itself out and found its place in the new world order.  The Psycians who were not on the Isle on that damned day found each other and began to rebuild that which was lost as best they could.  Those of other races now aware of the Mind found occasional wandering Psycians and learned the ways of the Mind.  And for a long time, none were better off than they had been before, except perhaps for one Arachnian who had become a hero to his kind.

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