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[Note: This selection is from the 16th DFC, circa Nov. 20th, 1992. Titled A WOLF IN THE FOLD by Gitarma Fillhole.]

Things were all but normal in the Spur last Saturday night when a bizarre howling was heard coming from the Southern Plains. Always alert for danger, a group of adventurers - Smash, Pelethoron, Selder, Jedico, Jesuiticus, Karak,and Maya just to name a few - headed to investigate. Soon enough, the protectors found what they were looking for; a man by the name of Lunar snarling and growling by the side of the road. Looking over the group, the being chuckled and began a noise so primal that it seemed to come more from an animal than a man. Answering to his call, ten wolves suddenly bound into the room and bared there teeth, starting a confrontation. The heroes, however, were well prepared and answered the beasts' snarls and bites with blade and rune. Seeing the time to act upon him, the being known as Lunar began a horrible transformation into a giant half man, half wolf beast with hypnotic glowing eyes and large gaping maw. The battle continued for many minutes, finally ending with the destruction of over fifteen wolves and (after a short chase) the death of the werewolf.

Or at least they thought it was dead. Only scant minutes later the creature rose up again, laughed at its dumb struck would-be slayers, and sent another chilling cry from its lips.

More wolves came, and the battle was continued. Minutes turned to hours as the companions fought on, killing the were and its fellows several times, only to have the half-man return to life and summon more wolves. Then an idea struck the crew... to kill the beast and make it stay down they must use silver weapons. Currently, the only member that was equipped with any was Jesuiticus (his silver maul did seem to be doing more damage than the others' weapons), so Selder Firemix went back to the Spur and removed a silver knife and shortsword from his locker. Hurrying back to the scene, the Dragon found only one other person at the original battle sight. Jedico Bloodstar was valiantly blocking the werewolf from entering the Spur through the South Gate while the others rounded up the remaining wolves roaming the outdoors. Swinging his silver knife at the were, Selder rent a large smoking gash in the beast's side. The new confrontation quickly grew as others returned to the battle at the Gate.

But even with weapons of silver wielded by Jedico, Pelethoron, and Selder against the enemy, the werewolf refused to stay dead. After over fifty wolf kills and the werewolf being slain six times, the battle appeared to be a stalemate. Still in great pain from his multiple deaths, Lunar the werewolf retreated with the remnants of his pack to the Southlands. His vow of vengeance still playing in the heroes' minds, the tired, bloodied companions marched home.

The citizens of the Spur have been urged to carry silver weapons on their person until this new threat has been eradicated. Those that have been bitten should seek the aid of the local parish to make sure the lycanthropsy has not been passed on.