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dgate history and lore

Tales of the Land - Table of Contents
:: The Time that Land Forgot ::
:: A Strange Resident of Spur ::
:: The Darkness of Heart ::
:: Assassins and Excursions ::
:: The History of the Shack ::
:: The Lord of Deception ::
:: A Wolf in the Fold ::
:: Prophecies of the Wanderer ::
:: Our Origins ::
:: The Mystic Phantom Dragon Inn ::
:: The Sundred Isle of Tanga ::



[Note: This Article first appeared in Issue #7 of the DFC dated August 26th, '92. Titled: The Lord of Deception.]

The room you are in is a cavern made of pure gold. Three chests sit on the floor in front of you, and your hands can't wait to open the first one. The only problem is that you can't see your hands. In fact, you can't see any part of your body. How did you get here, anyway? The last thing you remember is swinging at a guard. Then this little black bug flew in and... and... and blew up?

Well, all that matters now is that you are here in this room of riches. But what is that? There is movement from behind the chests. What is it? A walking statue of gold suddenly rushes forward, swinging into the shadows of the room. Is he looking for you? Thank Set that you are invisible... er, at least you THOUGHT you were. The statue is running towards you! Arrhhh!!!!! It hits you with the force of a god, and you barely cling to life. It raises its hands above its head, preparing for the killing blow. Then you are where you left, bleeding but alive.

This same incident has happened to four of the Spur's most prominent citizens in the past few weeks. But this isn't the only strange happening. Dozens of people have reported personal belongings changing into items that they are not for a brief time - most notably Azzandra's sword into a steel cigar and Faedriel's axe into a feather. A group of adventurers in the Yellow Caves were abducted and placed into a room with over a dozen aging yelicans. All but one was slaughtered, the bodies of the defeated dropped into the Town Square to be mysteriously regenerated a few minutes later. The list of strange occurrences goes on and on, including such strange things as giant crabs and floating mouths.

So what is behind all of these things, you ask? The answer is simple; it is a devil known only as the Lord of Deception. This evil monster started causing trouble when he and Loa'Kass - the famous Ice Devil - made a bet that LK could not marry a mortal woman within a year's time. Loa'Kass then harassed the noble Heart Cleric Laurana Rian-Ferdain, threatening her with many forms of torture and punishment (the most dreadful being the loss of her channeling ability) until she consented to marry him.

But before the wedding could be completed, the Lord of Deception rent the fabric of our dimension and kidnapped both Laurana and Loa'Kass. Although the Ice Devil was banished into the darkest depths of the Underworld, Laurana was imprisoned in one of the upper levels. Here she awaited rescue, unable to use magick or prayer to ease her suffering. A rescue team would later arrive, however, to remove her from the dreaded depths of the Underworld. Although it took much bloodshed - and, indeed, the whole group's demise - all escaped. But so did the Lord of Deception. From that day on he has grown in power, continuing to terrorize the Spur.

Many wonder what the Lord of Deception really is, or if there is any way to stop him. The answers to this come from Garlidan, Spur's Riddlemaster. The retired fighter told us that this malign being is one of the oldest and most powerful Devils in existance. He loves to torment his prey with illusionary assaults, most dealing in a personal nature so as to unhinge the victim mentally. There is nothing the Lord of Deception likes better than to slowly work away at a strong willed person's mind, finally seeing the prey reduced to a babbling madman.

Yet with all his power, there is at least one possible way to stop him. If the Devil's name is ever discovered, a hero can take the knowledge into the Underworld and recall the Lord of Deception to his native realm. Here he will stay for many lifetimes, until he can break free of the Underworld once more. Yet no one knows this being's name, and he certainly isn't polite enough to tell us. Will anyone be able to stop him?

The governor is recommending that all citizens seek shelter whenever any sign of this Devil is seen. There is no way of defeating him until the Devil's name is learned.


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