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dgate history and lore

Tales of the Land - Table of Contents
:: The Time that Land Forgot ::
:: A Strange Resident of Spur ::
:: The Darkness of Heart ::
:: Assassins and Excursions ::
:: The History of the Shack ::
:: The Lord of Deception ::
:: A Wolf in the Fold ::
:: Prophecies of the Wanderer ::
:: Our Origins ::
:: The Mystic Phantom Dragon Inn ::
:: The Sundred Isle of Tanga ::



[Note: This story first appeared in the Volume 3, Issue 8 DFC on on the 15th day, 2th month of the 96th year in Spur (Oct 11th, 1993), titled: Tavern Tales: The Time That Land Forgot, as told by an anonymous storyteller.]


As night fell and the Rose Eternal's common room filled with weary travelers and locals in for a cold mug of ale, an unusual quiet fell over the room as a voice issued from a darkened corner...


"I would tell you a story..." the gentleman, clad from head to toe in a cloak of darkest silk, said, "A story of gods and men and the time before the gods."


"Blasphemy!" came the shout from a brother of Odarous, already deep in his cups.


"Nay, brother. Tis but a harmless tale gathered across the lands from legends of old and the libraries of my homeland." the voice responded, "But I have found that even in the most fictitious lie there lies a kernel of truth on which all is built. So listen closely and you shall learn of the gods and the Great War."


With that, he settled deeper into the shadows, dark eyes flashing in the firelight, and began...


"In days long past, before the Great Change and even before the gods themselves, save the Elder God, when the world was young and barren, there walked but three races across the land: the Lords of Order, the Lords of Chaos, and the Dragon Lords. All possessed great power as magick was more powerful and plentiful in the new lands. However, from each there was one greater than his brethren and possessing powers unique to each...


The Lords of Order represented devotion to all things Light and True. Orat'darius the Mighty, Champion of Order, had strength unbound and a shining blade of purest light.


 As Order served Light and Life, the Chaos Lords reveled in all things Dark and Unholy. T'aril Xrath rose to serve as the first High Lord of Chaos. It is said that his very gaze could strike fear and doubt into even the strongest of hearts.


Lastly, from the Dragon Lords came a being with magick unrivaled among all the Lords. He was known only as Sa'ril'lon and he, as all the Dragon Lords did, sought to bring balance and harmony into the world.


Only five score of each roamed the untamed world shaping the lands we now walk. Yet each sought to banish the others, so they might fully bring their element to the lands. For eons they battled with none gaining advantage in the evenly matched struggle. The Elder God's summons claimed many a warrior through time until scarcely two hands of each remained. Fearing the end of their being, the Three, Orat'darius, T'aril Xrath, and Sa'ril'lon, under terms of truce, decided that the battle was no longer theirs to fight. Each agreed to pool their remaining magicks to create a race to carry the fight into the next generation.


Order created tiny, winged beings with great healing magick and greater heart and compassion. Secian, a word meaning 'peace', was given to these creations of Light.


Chaos brought forth a race of darkness. Possessing great strength and a lust for destruction, those now known as the Sanene would battle on the side of Chaos.


 After careful consideration, the Dragon Lords decided to bring into being a new race not unlike themselves. Though smaller and less powerful than the original Dragon Lords, the new Dragons were still creatures of great will and magick.


Together with their creators, these new races continued the conflict of old. Still, little changed in the never-ending struggle for dominance. For the second, and the last, time in history, the Three gathered and agreed that the endless bloodshed had gone on for too long. All involved would meet on the vast plains to decide, once and for all, who would rule.


With forces gathered, Order, Chaos, and the Dragons battled one last time. During the titanic encounter, many fell to the Elder God's call. Also unleashed were powerful magicks that ripped the land asunder. carving a vast hole in the ground and flinging the mass into the night sky. As the forces regrouped for one last assault, the Elder God interceded. All were frozen in time and the Three, along with one from each of the Secian and Sanae, were taken to his Realm and counseled. No longer would they battle endlessly for control; all factions would have their place in the lands and no One would be placed above the others. And to ensure the fragile peace, the Three, now five, would serve as advisors and councilors to the lands and its' people for all eternity. Given to each was great power so they might better guide their would-be followers through life.


Orat'darius the Mighty, T'aril Xrath, and Sa'ril'lon remained greatly unchanged in all but power, as their singular abilities set them aside from all others.


To Rian ni'Aliron the Secian was given the wisdom to see the folly of battle and the truth in peace.


Xavan Il'set'h, from the Sanene, now possessed superior cunning and guile. The shadows would be his home and the night his companion.


Aside from these, there rose one more from the torn battlefield. From the great crater, came the spirit of the land to serve as protector to all manner of creatures and plants. Given the name Elndail, she joined the others as guardians of the new world.


As a final act, the Elder God, with a pass of his hand, created others to walk the lands with the Secian and Sanae. Some bore resemblance to those that came before, while others were new and strange, with some resembling the great cats of the jungle, the deadly spider, or even the very rock from the heart of the earth. And to all was given the freedom to choose their path in life, though some still felt strong ties to Order, Chaos, or Entropy.


Stripped of their leadership, the Secians and the Sanae quickly lost their thirst for battle. And with these new races to contend with, simple survival became the first priority and differences were set aside as all departed to find their place in the world."


"And what of the Lords, you ask..." questioned the voice before any present could ask...


"The Dragon Lords, weary of battle, retreated to the distant mountains to contemplate and finish their existence in peace. Their time past, these mighty beings are rumored to still sleep, awaiting the day of Neutrality's triumph.


The Lords of Order and Chaos are believed to roam the lands to this day. Under the guise of other races, they hide their true selves, grant great power to those who discover them, and seek to continue the struggles of old."


"All save one that is..." spoke the voice, a faint smile creeping onto his shadowed face.


"One Chaos Lord, Van'los the Wanderer, departed the battlefield with a small group of Sanae to travel deep into the bowels of the earth, into the very heart of darkness..."


Then suddenly with a rustle of silk and an arcane gesture, the mysterious gentleman faded from view, leaving many a confused face to ponder what had transpired just moments before, as the melodic, hypnotic voice echoed through the still air...


"But that, my friends, is another story..."


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