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Are you a short story buff?

Can you spin a scintillating tale in under a few pages?

Are you bored and need something to do while we wait?

I know there are a lot of creative players just "foaming" (as Pantherro's player puts it) to get back to the game. Why not put your knowledge of the game and frustrated energy into something that might benefit the game in the long run?

What I am looking For

What I am looking for:

Short stories around the 1 to 7 page length.
Stories that teach about a little known hunting ground, explain historically significant trivia (nudges Kraggon's player), expound upon any philosophy of religion, demonstrate the seven Leuian precepts, details family ties and relations, or promote the various festivals held yearly, ... anything that relates to the game.
Do you have an idea for a scenario that does NOT involve your own character? Contact me and I will place it before the staff for evaluation.
Would you like to design items for an upcoming peddle? (Armor, weapons, clothing, jewelry, food, etc.)
“What I am NOT looking for: stories about current characters, stories that bash other characters, or long length stories.”

Rewards and Prizes

I will be rewarding all players who respond with some type of spiff. Prizes will be awarded for those who write stories that we use.

disclaimer: I make no promises that any material will be used on the website or in game. The stories become the property of Dragon's Gate. You will not be acknowledged if we chose to use your story other then in an OOC thank you on this board.

You may send in your entries to:

I am looking forward to reading them!