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City Code 134.532: No fighting, or sparring within Town Square (law enforcers exempt). Failure to abide by this may be punishable by fine, imprisonment, or more severe penalty in the case of multiple offenses

“Also found in the Spurian post office”

Military and Law Enforcment Officers

City Code 144.254: No fighting, or sparring guards, law, or miltary enforcers in Spur. Failure to abide by this will be punishable by fine, imprisonment, or more severe penalty, such as exile, in the case of multiple offenses.

City Revises Business Ordinance

The Neighborhood Beautification Ordinance was adopted to enhance the quality and appearance of our community. It requires a minimum level of upkeep for properties and prevents activities that detract from a residential atmosphere.

In order to ensure the safety and general well-being of our residents, the City of Spur has enacted the Municipal Code to govern the conduct of the citizens and officials of the City. The code is available for your review at City Hall. The items which follow have been selected from the code for their particular relevance to all residents of the City.

Regulation of Animals

It is unlawful for pets to run at large. They must be controlled by a leash or chain not more than six feet in length. Pets who exhibit certain behaviors as listed in the city code are declared to be a public nuisance.

Garbage and Refuse

Property owners are required to contract for garbage pick-up with a licensed hauler. (City Hall has the current list of licensed haulers.)


The following items have been determined to cause blight or be blighting factors, and if allowed to exist, will tend to result in undesirable neighborhoods so as to be harmful to the public welfare, health and safety:

Inoperable items, not stored in a home, which are unusable, beyond repair, or without valid purpose.

In any area within the City the storage or accumulation of junk, trash, rubbish, or refuse of any kind, except refuse stored in such a manner so as not to create a public nuisance.

In any area, the existence of any structure which because of fire, wind, or other natural disaster, or physical deterioration is no longer habitable as a dwelling nor useful for any other purpose for which is may have been intended.

In any area zoned for residential purposes, the existence of any vacant dwelling, or other out-building, unless such buildings are kept glazed or neatly boarded-up and otherwise protected to prevent entrance by vandals.

In any area the existence of any noxious weeds or other weeds or grass growing to a height greater than six inches or which have gone or are about to go to seed are prohibited.

Public nuisances affecting public peace

The following items have been determined to be public nuisances affecting public peace and safety:

Obstructions and excavations affecting the ordinary use by the public of streets, alleys, sidewalks, or public grounds except under such conditions as are authorized by the Council.

Any use of property abutting on a public street or sidewalk which causes large crowds of people to gather, obstructing pedestrian traffic, and the free use of the streets and sidewalks.

Nuisances Cont.

All hanging signs, awnings, and other similar structures over the streets and sidewalks, so situated as to endanger public safety.

The allowing of rainwater, ice, or snow to fall from any building or structure upon any street or sidewalk or to flow across any sidewalk, or waste water cast upon or permitted to flow upon or across streets or other public property.

Dangerous, unguarded items, in any public space, or so situated operated on private property as to attract the public.

Obstructions to the free flow of water in a natural waterway or a public street drain, gutter or ditch.

Trees, Fences, Hedges and Yards

The City Forester appointed by the City Council shall have jurisdiction and supervision over all trees, shrubs, and other plants growing in the City.

It shall be the duty of any person responsible for growing any trees on private property abutting on a public street to: Trim trees so as not to cause a hazard to persons on abutting public property or interfere with the proper lighting of public streets by the street lights; Treat or remove any tree or plant so diseased or insect-ridden as to constitute a hazard to other trees or plants in the City.

Owners of property abutting any public street or alley are responsible for the sodding or planting of grass thereon, and maintaining the grassed portion of such property to the curb line or to the traveled portion of the street or alley upon which property abuts.

It shall be the duty of every owner of property abutting on any street or alley to keep the grass and weeds cut to the curb line or traveled portion of the street or alley.