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History of the Mystic Phantom Dragon Inn

[This article was originally presented in the August 15, 1997 Issue of the Dragon Fire Chronicles, entitled "History of the Mystic Phantom Dragon Inn" by Dravon Soulkill.]

Many years ago, in a time when there were dragons, a mystic gray dragon plagued Kylial.  Men would hunt far and wide to kill this dragon.  The dragon was the only one who seemed to be stuck here after the War of Magic concluded. He continued to cause great chaos throughout Kylial.

There was a great hunt and every man went.  There was a great battle between the men and the dragon.  Most of the men were killed there, yet some survived but not long enough to make it home.

Ceerrus, the only survivor, gathered his family and moved to the town of Covenant.  Ceerrus decided that he would construct an inn.  He told his son, Burke, about the dragon and the powers that it possessed.  Shortly after, Ceerrus died.  Burke made it his duty to hunt down and kill this dragon.

The dragon had tracked Ceerrus to Covenant, because he hated mankind and wanted no survivors left from the battle.  Burke sought out to find the dragon after collecting his equipment, but he did not have far to look as the dragon had found him at the partially constructed inn.

The dragon and Burke fought with much yelling and screaming.  Burke remembered the dragon's true name, Etienne, whispered to him on his father's deathbed. The dragon's powers failed to defeat Burke, and soon died by his sword.  Burke then claimed the scales, claws and teeth from Etienne's corpse and soon disposed of the rest.  Those trophies were to decorate the inn.

After the death of Etienne, Burke finished his inn.  He proudly decorated the inn walls with the parts of the dragon.  The inn became known as the Mystic Dragon Inn.  He eventually married a local woman and had a son named Rendel.

Rendel, who never saw a dragon, didn't believe what his father boasted.  Since no one living had seen a living dragon, he dismissed the story to senility. Rendel married, but his wife died during the birth of his only daughter.  Due to Rendel's continuous absence in the battlefields, Squeak was raised by her grandfather.

Squeak was the name given by her grandfather.  She began working the inn while young.  While she was working in the inn one day, she received word that her father was killed in battle.  Months went by and she realized that soon she would be running the inn, because her grandfather was sick getting worse.  At his deathbed, Burke enlightened Squeak about the entire story of Etienne.  As she was growing up, he never told her all of it... just bits and pieces to keep her attention.  That night, he passed away quietly in his sleep.

Months more passed, and while cleaning the storeroom of the inn, Squeak heard a noise in the dining area.  She went out to see what it was.  She blinked but still saw the strange shape in front of her.  It didn't go away, and soon she realized that it was the ghost of the dragon her grandfather had slain.  After many weeks of these appearances, she figured that dragon was haunting the inn.

Shortly thereafter, she decided to rename the inn.  It is now known as the Mystic Phantom Dragon Inn.  Etienne's powers were never completely understood, and to this day, his ghost still appears...


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