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Boathouse Ruins ...

Back in the days when the Darkith flowed by Edgewater, an enterprising drag-al named Phinnequin gained the deed to an old pier and boathouse across from the town. He turned his boathouse into a bar, brothel and casino.. and for the river pirates that frequented the river, he offered his services as a fence.


During this time, there was a Rijom river pirate who took the name of a particularly venomous river snake called a 'krait'. Krait showed no mercy to the river boats he'd pirate along the river, and unbeknownst to everyone he was the money behind Phinnequin.. that is until the townsfolk of Edgewater discovered it from a disgruntled harlot in the employ of Phinnequin.


The lure of the reward on Krait's head was too much for the townsfolk, once they knew the day he would be at the boathouse, they went after him after they were sure he and his crew would be befuddled by drink.. in their zeal, they forgot to account for Phinnequin's own bouncers. Blood flowed, and what was meant as a quick, painless arrest turned into a pitched battle. Eventually the townsfolk won, though Krait and Phinnequin were slain. With his dying breath, Krait cursed the boathouse to be a blight on the citizens of Edgewater for all eternity.