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"Something as curious as the monarchy won't survive unless you take account of people's attitudes. After all, if people don't want it, they won't have it." - Rathanus Stalberdin



Rathan's ShieldFounded in the year 237 by the revolutionist, Rathanus Stalberdin, the city of Rathan is world famous for its impenetrable defenses and vast silver and moonsilver. Built into the mountainside of the Silver Mountains in the Great Divide, Rathan stands guard to the pass through the Divide and provides a shining example for the rest of the world of how harmony can be achieved within a city of many religions and races. Rathan has approximately 2,500 inhabitants.

Upon founding the city, Rathanus declared it open to all in need of shelter or a home, regardless of race or religion. While other cities welcomed all races and religions like Spur, none achieved true harmony between them, Rathanus was determined to change that and make a society where all that were persecuted would be welcome. Sighting the Taathians as the reason behind the unrest in most cities, Rathanus crafted an ingenious plan to keep them in line and allow them in the city as well. The Taathians, led by Hector the Mad Priest of Tarath, and his most trusted commanders (known as demonlords) would become the cities army. Rathanus built the impenetrable Fort Tarath and its mighty gates at the base of a the massive demon slopes below the city and moved the Taathians there to act as guards, and keep them at a safe distance from the populace. The citizens of the city, feeling a bit safer with less contact between themselves and the Taathians, praised Rathanus as a genius. The Taathians, feeling they got the better end of the deal as they got to spill all the blood and fight all the battles swore complete loyalty to Rathanus.

Through his lifetime; a more loved King there never was, and the gates of Fort Tarath never once fell during his reign. Some claim it was the Kings very will and benevolence that held the gates shut for so long. King Rathanus died in his bed early in the year 308 at the age of 93, but his legacy lives on in the memory of all that live within his city. Rathanus had no heir, it is believed he picked the next ruler of Rathan upon his deathbed, but while a ruler exists, his or her name remains a mystery to this day.


Type of Government

  • City-State: Rathan is an independent, self-governing city that has incorporated its surrounding territories, including the near-by smaller towns and villages.
    (Definition: A city-state is a region controlled exclusively by a city, and usually having sovereignty. City-states usually have their own culture though there are a few City states in Aradath who shared the same cultural identity. Though sovereign, many Aradath cities have joined in formal or informal leagues under the high king. In some cases historical empires or leagues have been formed by the right of conquest, but many have been formed under peaceful alliances or for mutual protection.)

  • Monarchy: The Rathan monarchy can with certainty be traced back to Rathanus Stalberdin (215 - 308). The monarchy is elective, but in practice the election normally falls on the eldest son of the reigning monarch. In return, the king has to sign a coronation charter, which regulated the balance of power between himself and his people. (Definition: The charter of liberties binds the king to certain laws regarding the treatment of temple officials, nobles and other abuses of royal power .

  • Council of Advisors: Rathan is ruled by a council whose memberships identity is secret. The hidden Ministers of Rathan maintain their identities behind magical masks or helms. While they rule, none know the true identities. The subject of who the Lords is a common topic and game of conversation, and some consider it a game to discover their identity. The Lords appear together in public only in the Lords' Court. While in court they hear all cases of murder, treason, trade, development, security, and other Rathan issues. The secret identity of the Advisors allows for the Minister to wander the city streets and conduct personal affairs without the distraction of duty, retribution, or retaliation.

    Rathan's Council of Advisors:
  • Minister of War: Responsible for conducting invasions and overseeing the city's offensive manoeuvres.
  • Minister of Culture: This Ministry is generally responsible for planning and holding festivals, celebrations, and other events to liven up the culture of the city.
  • Minister of Development: Responsible for individual housing within the city, and for subdivision development. Has the power to physically grow a subdivision, and to terraform it.
  • Minister of Trade: Responsible for setting the buy and sell prices for commodities from the city's warehouse, as well as minimum reserve levels.
  • Minister of Security: Grand Captain of the Watch: Llurorm-gha Calaelėn - Responsible for the security of the city from city enemies and raids from other cities. This Ministry's aides have the power of declaring individuals as enemies of the city, or to remove their enemy status. They are also responsible for hiring/purchasing the various types of NPC city guards (mages, archers, and warriors) and placing them strategically.
  • Chancellor: Responsible for merchant issues in the city. Is also able to repossess shops from players who have left thier shops in disrepair or who are behind on their taxes.
  • Lord Steward: Bears a white staff as the emblem and warrant of his authority. The one who manages the property, grounds, and animals or other affairs for the royal house.
  • Treasurer: Responsible for allocating the budget for each of the Ministries. Under control of the Lord Steward's Department.
  • Ambassador: Diplomatic officials representing their countries abroad. Responsible for swearing in new citizens to a city and assisting those new to the city.

  • It is a known fact that Llurorm-gha the Psycian, Warden of Rathan and Commander of the Watch is a member of the Lords. He is the Unmasked Lord and wears no mask over either his face.

    Llurorm-gha chairs the Court and asks all questions, for the Lords speak through him. In chambers the Lords all appear similarly masked and robed. Their robes are simple and white, with deep purple capes. Their masks completely cover the head and face, save for Llurorm-gha. He lets those who appear before the Court see his face by removing his face covering from his helm.

    Rathene Royal Watch

  • Rathene Royal Watch: The Watch, the most visible arm of the city's law, are the daily, domestic police, and do far more than arrest offenders. They may aid passerby with heavy loads, give directions, search for lost children, provide basic medical aid, and referee gambling disputes or children's fights during a typical patrol.

    Rathan's Watch Heirarchy
  • Grand Captain of the Watch: Llurorm-gha Calaelėn, the Psycian
  • Captain of the Watch: Inwė Sįralondė
  • Grand Civilar: Aredhel Aldarķon
  • Senior Armsmaster: Amras Lśinwė
  • 6 Ward Civilars (Castle Ward, Mine Ward, North Ward, South Ward, Guild Ward, Trades Ward)

    Religions Affiliated with the City

  • Restrictions: None: Temple Taath resides in Fort Tarath.
  • Favored: Rinanni

    The Main Royal Residence

  • Rathene Royal Palace: A golden-spired palace dominates the center of the city.

    The Royal House

    Rathan Crown

  • Her Majesty the Queen: ...
  • His Majesty the King: ...
  • His Royal Highness the Prince Consort: ...
  • His Royal Highness The Crown Prince: ...
  • His Royal Highness The Crown Princess: ...
  • Her Highness Princess, Duchess: ...
  • His Highness Prince, Duke: ...


    Silver Mountain Inn ... Food and Drink
    Rathan, Runeshop ... Runes
    Bartz's Market ... food
    Rathan, Pawnshop ... pawn items
    Gordon's General Supply ... general supplies
    Peggi's Weaponsmith ... Weapons
    Rathan, Gemshop ... Gems
    Dominik's Armory ... Armor
    Ilthda the Fence ... pawn shop
    Ma Higglestein's Bakery ... food
    Tintamarre's Instruments ... Bard Shop

    The Royal Lineage

    King Loa'kass

  • Loa'Kass, known as the ice devil and rival to the devil known as Soros or the Lord of Deception. Tried to coerce Laurana to marry him, in order to win a bet. Revealed the syllables of the Lord of Deception's name to win a different bet. Laurana, khat'sara of Lord Ferdain, who was the subject of a bet between the Lord of Deception and Loa'Kass. She spoke the Lord of Deception's real name to banish him.
  • Loa’kass is rememered for commissioning The Brothers of Light, who worked from a Monastery on the mountain above Rathan (Mateth, 314 - 7/2002) to build a large Rinanni temple in the city of Rathan. He proclaimed that Rinanni would be the head religion in Rathan.


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