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"Logic only gives man what he needs...Magic gives him what he wants." - Dark Lord Maloveous



Emjedah's ShieldEmjedah is a coastal city to the northeast of Treehaven and southeast from Rathan. The city was first settled by travelers looking for new adventures and possibly any riches to be found. When the adventurers found mines with all kinds of ore and gems, they decided to settle down. The settlers had first started the city in a large field near the woods, but soon after word spread about the riches in the mines, the city spread too. The now townspeople had to clear cut much of the surrounding trees to make way for new shops, training halls, and temples. Emjedah was a true boom town. A government was set up to deal with treasure stealers. A Frontacian of noble birth, Lord Granduer was appointed to lead the city. He ruled Emjedah with an Iron hand. The Frontacian, deciding it was much too dirty to dig in the mines himself, established a slave trade in the city as well. Soon after, the merchant ships were not just bringing supplies and rations, but slaves as well, and at a hefty price.

Many of the folks who made it to the city were never introduced to the slave trade though, they tried to successfully mine their own goods, and some even succeeded. Others were left hungry and without a place to sleep. Some resorted to picking pockets or begging for change.

One day, something strange happened in the mines. Evil creatures, demons and the like, over-ran the mines, sending all the miners fleeing for their lives. The governor of course, could not accept losing most of his income to a "few demons." He devised a plan to lure the demons to the extreme lower levels and then seal them off with tons of rock, dirt, and boards. Unfortunately, the few slaves that led the demons down the mine, were also trapped and never to be seen again. The miners did return, but occasionally, a demon or elemental will still escape the lower level through unknown means to torment the treasure seekers.

Slavery ended on the 7th month in the year of 2002 and to date uses golems that were created for the use for mining.

August 9th, 2005: Emjedah has recently fell victim to a mysterious and dark fleet commanded by the Muatana-al, Graedar'al. This dark army seems to be plaguing the coasts of Aradath. Within minutes of the first attack several vessels were boarded and headed out to sea to defend the city. Unfortunately, none of the ships have returned and the worst is feared for their crew. Days following, several charred bodies washed up to the docks of Emjedah. By this time the city Militia was already in force and ready for any threat that may venture inland. Among the bodies were the remains of a Usil elf with robes displaying the crest of Grandeur was found floating underneath the causeway.


Type of Government

  • City-State: Emjedah is an independent, self-governing city that has incorporated its surrounding territories, including the near-by smaller towns and villages.
    (Definition: A city-state is a region controlled exclusively by a city, and usually having sovereignty. City-states usually have their own culture though there are a few City states in Aradath who shared the same cultural identity. Though sovereign, many Aradath cities have joined in formal or informal leagues under the high king. In some cases historical empires or leagues have been formed by the right of conquest, but many have been formed under peaceful alliances or for mutual protection.)

  • Oligarchy: The Emjedah oligarchy can with certainty be traced back to Lord Granduer (... - ...). The Emjedah oligarchy is drawn from the noble classes, the wealthiest citizens, and the military strength of Emjedah. .

    Civic Hall of Chambers

    Rathan Crown

  • Govenor: Lord Granduer
  • Minister of Commerce: Ward Jahanel
  • Commodore of the Emjedahan Navy: Alyxandar
  • Minister of Magick: Railt
  • Prime Minister: Lord Kreston
  • Sage: Weldoian

    The Militia

  • Emjedah Militia: Description Here.

    Emjedah Militia Heirarchy
  • General: Gwoss
  • Captian: Renlak Darklance

    Religions Affiliated with the City

  • Restrictions: None
  • Favored: Sa, Set, and Taath

    The Granduer Estate

  • Great House Granduer: Description here.

  • Govenor: Lord Timor Grandeur (presumed dead).
  • Wive of Granduer: Lady Avantika

    Due to recent invasion of the Dark Army, the shops of Emjedah have closed.

    The Past

    Ralin Kinigon, Frontacian and Former Arch Mage of Emjedah, once reigned terror on and finally destroyed Treehaven. He is now Presumed Dead.


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