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By Leyara

High in the air over Town Square the Imperial circled slowly. His dark eyes intently focused on the area surrounding the fountain where he had seen the Go-blin-al dart only minutes before he himself had taken flight. The Imperial flew down a bit then so he was only about fifteen feet up in the air still circling and the Gobbie, not exactly hidden as there was no Thug or Oog or any other place really to hide behind, under, or next to felt him approach even before his massive black form darkened the sky.


The Imperial's bondmate was sleeping and he was in short, incredibly bored and also a trifle irritated; a dangerous combination indeed for one of his  strength and size, and so he chose this foolish little mortal to take his frustrations out upon, good thing his bondmate was sleeping for he would never act this way in front of her, because it would distress her and even though he had no intention of doing any bodily harm, he knew she would not like it and he did not want to cause her any angst now or ever. He certainly did not want to kill the little rugrat although he could easily, just wanted to mess with him a bit and see how fast he could run with or without a fear dart, or whatever else that came to mind till it was either time to rest or his beloved bondmate woke up.


Letting out a low grunt of fear that did not escape the Imperial's ears, the Gobbie, while still hunched as close to the ground as he could be without inhaling dirt, intended to make it appear as if he would dart in one direction, and if he was successful and did not trip over his own feet like he did occasionally, he would then change direction and run the other way. He was not the brightest of his race but was among the quickest and once, he had hid so well from some drunken ruffians that they could not find him even with the hellhound they had brought with them. Thinking back on that, he realized the hound must also have been inebriated by the way it kept tripping over its own feet, and the amount of drool coming from its mouth. He himself knew he had smelled something fierce on that day and and even though weeks had passed, he still had not bathed and couldn't believe his eyes when the hound failed to find him. Tensing up he made his move, took a few steps to the right then darted swiftly to the left with a fear born of not wanting to end up as an appetizer in some Dragon's gigantic mouth.


The Dragon knew how fast Go-blin-al's could be, but he did not care. Sure he might not move as fast as a Gobbie but he knew he was smarter and what he lacked in agility he more than made up for in intelligence and wit. He watched the little bugger run away as if the Reaper himself were at his heels and slowly, still flying mind you, headed in the same direction. Not in a hurry but not going as slow as he could be either.


The Gobbie ran south for all he was worth and headed for the tent, oblivious to everything but the racing of his heart, and how fast his feet were hitting the ground. He was not even aware when the shadow that had been trailing him from the sky vanished.  


With a slight movement of his powerful wings, the Imperial had flown up another twenty or so feet and flew rapidly on ahead, where he landedon the other side of the southern gate and still annoyed, slammed it shut for good measure.


The Gobbie, now all of a sudden aware that he was no longer being followed, glanced up to search the skies even though he was still running like mad and ran right into the closed gate with a resounding smack, falling back down upon the ground, stunned.


With a smug nod of his massive head at the crash heard from the other side, the Dragon flew over the gate and landed right next to the Gobbies head. He craned his head down and narrowed his eyes as the smelly little creature at last began to move. The Gobbie slowly opened his eyes and shrieked in terror as he found himself staring up into the Black's face, and as his eyes met the Imperial's, he, for a few seconds could only watch in horror as they strangely darkened and narrowed into angry slits. Flailing his arms about he started to scoot away but did not get far when something stopped his escape and when he looked back to see what prevented him from fleeing, he saw that the Black had stuck one of his wicked looking claws through the corner of his cloak and raising his head once again, saw that the Imperial was staring down at him with what he could only describe simply as amusement.


When a low grumbling sound then came from the Dragon's belly; that was all that was needed to send the Gobbie into a serious fit of hysterics and he somehow, while partially pinned upon the ground managed to wiggle out of his cloak, stood up and still shrieking of course, ran all the way back to Town  Square knocking down two merchants and a guard who had the misfortune of being in his path of flight. And once again, not paying attention to where his  feet were going but instead looking everywhere else, ran into the bricks lining the fountain, tripped and fell promptly into the water with a big splash, giving all the others a good laugh at his clumsiness.


And the black Imperial, once again flying over the center of town, decided to have a little bit more fun. With a mighty flap of his wings, he swooped down  over the fountain and just as the stinkin little mortal picked himself up and out of the water, grabbed the back of his shirt with a claw and with a mighty  downstroke, took to the air again with the shrieking Gobbie in tow, and headed for the river where he released his load and watched the flailing Gobbie shriek his way through the air and down into the river with a splat. He at least hoped he would bathe thoroughly before coming back to town, for the odor about him was a most offensive one.


"Ahh now I am in a better mood" he thought with a chuckle as he turned and flying up a few hundred feet, headed for his lair deep in the southlands upon  an old mountain.


And so ended the Imperial's game.