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by the Anonymous bard

I was naive. I was the one who left. It is my fault.

I should not have left.

He took her heart, I had no idea; I was away.

I was naive. I came back, she was gone.

It was her right to leave. I was the one who abandoned.

I should not have left.


I told her I would be back soon. I was not.

I should not have left.

When I returned, she told me quite happily --

She thought we were just friends...

I thought we were much more.

I was wrong.

I tried desperately to contain my sorrow,

My wounds, until she was away.

I failed.


I should not have left.


The deck seems to present itself.

These were not used in a long time.

The Medicine Cards,

They have healed before,

When wounds were not deep.

They are deep now.

I should not have left.


Three cards are drawn.

First the Whale.

A majestic whale, in all its glory.

The whale; wisdom; ancient power.

Some now would be useful.

It would be too late, anyway.


I should not have left.


Second, the Swan.

She was the Swan;

Beauty, gracefulness,

It was why she strayed.

She was the most beautiful person known.

He knew that....he could appreciate that.

I should not have left.


Third, the Rabbit.

I am the Rabbit, cowering in fear.

I thought we were more than friends.

I was wrong.

Why do I not just crawl into my hole,

Where I can disturb none with my sorrows?

I should not have left.


The cards have failed.

The wounds remain, my soul bleeding out.

I can feel my will to live slipping away.

I think of what might have happened...

If I had not left.