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by Allandra Shadowfax

A storm of molten madness

Swirls round a darkling sky;

A shriek howls from its innards

As eagles heed its cry.

Tempest pounds the westwood

And froth flicks at the lake;

No tree nor rock is safe now,

All Might falls in its wake.

The bellow of a thunderclap

Resounds across the sky;

Stark slivers pierce the darkness

As lightning flashes fire.

'An omen,' some say sagely,

With nods and muttered sighs;

But others watch them closely,

See fear behind their eyes.

As roiling clouds swoop lower

And sirenwinds abate,

A voice speaks out the darkness:

"Friends, listen, and please wait;

Behind a rim of bleakness

Ride sunbeams golden bright;

For when the tempest passes,

A clearing brings new light.

Bow not your heads in sorrow,

In memory, all reside,

And when the veil is lifted --

I will be at your side..."