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By Leyara

"Mommy I'm cold." Ellie said between chatters of her teeth as she hunched further down into her thin cotton shirt.


"Oh baby" Elita broke her gaze away from her daughters so she would not see her eyes filling with tears.


"Daddy will be home soon my child, he promised us." Elita said softly as she quickly wiped her eyes and pulled her seven year old daughter closer to her.  Feeling her little body shivering and how cold her skin was sent more tears coursing down her cheeks though. Her beloved husband Quinn had left early yesterday morn in search of work, blankets, maybe even an offer of a warm meal...Anything that might help them get through this bad spell and he had not returned yet.


They walked a few yards over and sat down next to an old weathered fence. Elita retrieved her bag and pulled an old tattered blanket from within it, a few holes had been chewed in it and it smelled of mold and dust but it would have to do for the time being.


She then pulled her daughter into her lap and covered her as best as she could with the blanket to try to get her warm. She sang to her daughter then, sang an old lullaby her mother had sang to her when she was a little girl. It took awhile but eventually Ellie's shivering ceased and she slipped off into sleep, still curled in her mothers arms.


"Oh Quinn where are you..." She murmured, her eyes searching the road he had taken the day before. She was so very tired, they all were. Her husbands face had been drawn with fatigue, but still he pushed on. She had not wanted him to go away at all and had wanted him to stay in the hopes that someone passing by would see them and help them, even if only a little bit. But he had gone, he had known it was the right thing to do.


Elita dosed off finally; her head slumped back against the fence, her arms still curled tightly around her daughter. Even in sleep she was protective of her child, 'twas truly an amazing thing to witness; a mother's unfailing fierceness when it came the safety of her children. Even in sleep you could just sense that about her...It was like a miracle waiting to happen almost, a ripple on a calm lake, a soft wind that teased a lock of hair, if anything harmed her child she could, in an instant, react swiftly and without thought of herself, do what she had to do to ensure her childs safety; even if it meant she might be harmed herself. To reactwith such deep devotion and love....A miracle as I said, maybe an unseen one, maybe one that had not happened yet, but a miracle all the same...


Down the road a ways, a weary looking man trudged along. On his back was a backpack that looked to be full when previously it had been empty, depressingly empty. Now though his face was dirty and his eyes rimmed with red at his total exhaustion, a smile played upon his mouth as he approached his family, his life...


Quinn set the backpack down and pulled out a blanket, this one new and clean and he covered his wife and daughter with it, before scooting underneath it himself. He pulled his wife closer to him and rested her head upon his shoulder.


She stirred slightly as he kissed her forehead and whispered "I love you" into her ear. He had such good news to tell her but he also knew she was just as exhaustedas he was and so he let her remain asleep in his arms.


As soon as they awoke, they would be moving on. Heading for the place he had just returned from. Some kind souls had listened to his story and offered him the use of an abandoned house till they got back on their feet, even found him some work.  They had offered to let him stay another night but he refused, he needed to get back here as quickly as possible and so with the blanket and a backpack full of food, he made it back in less than half the time it took him to get there in the first place.


They had suffered much these past few months, but somehow they all became stronger just by surviving this hardship. He had learned many lessons for sure and right then and there made a promise to himself that never again, with his new found faith, would they want for the simplest necessities needed to make it...


He swallowed back a sudden onslaught of tears and leaned his head back against the fence, filled with gratitude that they were going to make it....


They were going to make it.