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Player Pictures ...

Check out these mugs! If you have a picture to add to this group of mug shots, please contact DgateGia, or the Web Master.

The Boards ...

The BOARDS are for your enjoyment, entertainment, and enlightenment. Please review our basic rules regarding posting within this forum. These rules apply to all message boards within The Dragon's Gate Community Area.

Links ...

This page contains various player run sites.

Guide Application ...

Interested in joining the Dragon's Gate team? Take a moment and review our application guidelines.

  • be an Centropolis member in good standing, with no payment problems and no violations of the Centropolis Terms of Service.

  • be at least 18 years of age ( proof of age may be required ).

  • have been a player of Dragon's Gate for at least 3 months, , and be familiar with all the game commands, races, and classes.

  • have a honest, friendly, helpful and stable nature.

  • have excellent communication skills, and a professional attitude.

  • be seriously interested in helping the game and its players, rather than looking for an 'edge' in the game.
  • Still interested? Then please take the time to fill in a Guide Application Form.