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THE Dragon's Gate © ©
Policy Scroll



THIS IS A LEGAL AGREEMENT BETWEEN YOU AND Dragon's Gate ©. BY CLICKING "ACCEPT" TO THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS ON THE APPLICATION PAGE, YOU ACCEPT ALL TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THIS AGREEMENT. IF YOU DO NOT WISH TO ACCEPT THIS AGREEMENT, YOU SHOULD CLICK "REJECT." IF YOU REJECT THIS AGREEMENT YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SIGN UP FOR AN ACCOUNT AND PLAY. The goal of these rules is to provide an enjoyable experience for the MAJORITY of the community/players. Because Dragon's Gate © is a multiplayer game, there can sometimes be a conflict between an individual user's idea of entertainment and that of the majority of the players as a whole. In such situations, the majority will be given the greatest weight.


• Dragons Gate is an interactive gaming system. You will find that the system is constantly evolving. New or improved commands are often added, useless ones are removed; the database of adventures/quests, objects, monsters is forever expanding. With all this change occurring there is never time for stagnation to occur.

• If at any time you have a question on system advances or developments or just feel that you're in over your head, consult the archives, the manual, older players, the post office and even elders. Visit the contact page for staff email addresses.

Main Dragon's Gate © Policies:


Ok, we know that you want to play Dragon's Gate © and we want you to know that we want you to play Dragon's Gate ©. And we know, that you know, that... Oh never mind. Let's get to the heart of the matter. Sadly, there are some rules, regulations, etc. that we need to make clear regarding what is and is not acceptable behavior in Dragon's Gate ©.

As with all things, Dragon's Gate © is governed by certain rules of conduct that must be adhered to by all users of Dragon's Gate ©. It is your responsibility to know, understand and abide by these rules of conduct. The following rules are not meant to be exhaustive, and Dragon's Gate © © reserves the right to determine which conduct it considers to be outside the spirit of the game and to take such disciplinary measures as it sees fit up to and including termination and deletion of the Account. Dragon's Gate © © reserves the right to modify these Rules of Conduct at any time pursuant to Section on Ownwership of this Agreement.


Dragon's Gate © © was created by Darrin Hyrup and Mark Jacobs, and originally copyrighted by Adventures Unlimited Software Inc. (AUSI). AUSI has since become Mythic Entertainment (ME) and once operated Dragon's Gate © © on Centropolis Games. Dragon's Gate © is currently owned by Darrin Hyrup.

All title, ownership rights and intellectual property rights in and to Dragon's Gate © © (including without limitation any user accounts, titles, computer code, themes, objects, characters, character names, stories, dialogue, catch phrases, locations, concepts, artwork, animations, sounds, musical compositions, audio-visual effects, methods of operation, moral rights, any related documentation, "applets" incorporated into Dragon's Gate, transcripts of the chat rooms, character profile information, recordings of games played on Dragon's Gate, and the Dragon's Gate © client and server software) are owned by Dragon's Gate © ©/Darrin Hyrup or its licensors. Dragon's Gate © is protected by the copyright laws of the United States, international copyright treaties and conventions, and other laws. All rights are reserved. Dragon's Gate © © may contain certain licensed materials, and Mythic Entertainment licensors may protect their rights in the event of any violation of this Agreement.


Dragon's Gate © is presented on an AS-IS basis. By playing Dragon's Gate ©, you accept and assume any risk, real or imagined that results from your acceptance. Dragon's Gate © is not obligated to credit, make amends, or otherwise fix or restore any player or character in any manner whatsoever, if a player's game is interrupted due to in game social problems, bugs or other software issues, and/or if due to a hardware or communication problem. We will, however, attempt to make a reasonable effort to fix any software problems or staffing issues, and try to return service as quickly as possible (except in cases where the service interrupt is not related to the Dragon's Gate © product itself, in which case we will attempt to refer it to someone else who can remedy it.) .


In Dragon's Gate ©, the player takes on the 'role' of an adventurer set in a fantasy world that we have created. To make the experience enjoyable for all, each player should act in a manner that is consistent with such a world at all times. We expect each player to stay 'in-character' as much as possible in the game and to refrain from references and actions that would be out of place in this world. Thus, while sitting in the Town Square and talking about computers might be your sense of fun, such action is not consistent with the concept of a role-playing game, and you may be asked to stop by other players or the Dragon's Gate © © staff. This policy also includes the naming of characters ... please try to keep your character names reasonable within the medieval fantasy framework. Names that are out of place in this context (or are vulgar or otherwise improper) are inappropriate, and you may be asked to change it (or a staff member may change it for you).


In Dragon's Gate ©, we allow our players to engage in Player versus Player (PvP) combat within the bounds of the laws listed later in this document. All players have the choice of allowing themselves to be attacked by other players or of being barred from such attacks. In the event a player chooses the route of PvP combat, neither ME nor Mothership is responsible in any manner, for any real or imagined mental anguish, pain or suffering that may or may not result from this choice. In all cases, the player assumes the full risk of loss for this choice.


Elders or Game Masters are responsible for working on DGate to make it a more enjoyable playing experience for everybody. They are also charged with helping to keep order in an inherently chaotic world and their rulings, requests or even orders inside the game must be treated as Dragon's Gate © policy and must be followed. They will treat you with respect and courtesy. Their main objective is to help you. If you, as a player, feel that you have been treated unfairly by an Elder or that one of our Elders has not acted professionally, please contact the Lead GM. In the event that our investigation determines that the Elder has behaved in an inappropriate manner, the Elder will be subject to immediate punishment and possible dismissal.


Dragon's Gate © staff can not assist players in perm-killing their characters. Staff has assisted in the past only to find the player wishing to return less then a year later. Players are welcome to role play perm-death on their own.


Players have a deadline of 6 months to turn in all certificates won at various events in the gaming world for the actual prize. Your Prize certificates should now include a date on them to give you an idea of how long you have to turn them in.

This policy was created due to players asking to turn in old (2 years plus) certificates won at this peddle or that festival by Elders that are long gone/retired. This is at no fault of your own; it’s just difficult to track down what the actual prize was supposed to be.


Dear Player Base,

This is not a new issue but one that seems to be happening more lately so I feel the need to bring it to your attention in the hopes that as a community we can find a solution.

Due to coding, game issues, and sometimes simple elder mistakes (gah can you believe we make them), players homes and shops have been left compromised due to doors left open or locks not working or flags on items resetting during actual game resets.

I am asking our player base to please if they come across a home / shop that is open with many expensive and not so expensive items just left unprotected to please realize that more likely then not it’s a coding, mechanical or elder mistake. Please do not take advantage of the situation. Assist and have a staff member review the area and see if it is a true error. If found to be a glitch, you will receive a custom RP award as a prize. If not found to be a player error, you are welcome to do as your character would do.

I thank you for your time and consideration with this. I am hoping a simple letter will inspire you all to help us out with this. If the problem continues staff may need to take further steps to ensure the homes/shops players have paid so much for.


DGate and same IP: (2/28/06)

Dear Player Base,

This is not intentional, but is necessary without a "billing" department. Esentially is was the quickest way to get the game up again.

The same rules apply as before. If you are found running 2 characters, especially one that's a bot, expect severe punishment. Even if you are two people in the same household, with characters that aren't interacting, don't do this until you hear otherwise.

Any of you that are considering the possibilities, I would strongly urge you NOT to take advantage of this issue. Be a responsible gamer, and until technical issues can be worked out, don't do something that could conceivably affect the entire community.

The old rule still applies. One player may not run 2 characters simultaneously. If we catch it, punishment will be swift. And painful!


No Exceptions!
- Dragon's Gate © Staff -


Dragon's Gate © is not a single player game and it is intended for the enjoyment of ALL its players. Thus, any action by a player, which is determined by Dragon's Gate © Staff, in its sole discretion, to abuse, harass or otherwise make the game less enjoyable for another player, may be a violation of ME's online gaming policy. While ME reserves the right to add, modify or otherwise change any of these rules, here are some rules and examples that delineate what is considered unacceptable behavior.


Long-term scripting to gain skills in Dragon's Gate © is prohibited. Away from keyboard (AFK) Scripting refers to the automatic practicing of skills or other actions while you're not attending the keyboard. "Attending the keyboard" means you must be able to respond to your surroundings within the game, and is distinctly different than sitting at the keyboard doing other things while your character practices skills. It is expressly forbidden in Dragon's Gate © for you to gain skills for any of your characters in this manner. Elders actively seek out those who abuse the system by AFK scripting.

All players are subject to random checks to ensure that they are actively attending their character. A log is established to document the check, which lasts for at least five minutes. The check consists of things designed to elicit a reaction from your character. Examples include but are not limited to: Unique remarks by an NPC in the room, manipulation of the environment, the appearance or remarks of a staff member or the introduction of creatures not normally seen in that room. In other words, if your mercenary starts whining about being bored or a goldfish swims in, you're being checked. In all cases, you are required to respond in some cogent way to indicate that you're indeed in attendance. If you don't respond, you will be subject to consequences listed BELOW.

Furthermore ... attempts to use unattended advanced playing scripts to allow your character to complete more difficult tasks and provide an advantage over other characters (such as afk hunting or auto-script-hunting) will result in the immediate banning of the account of the party(s) involved.

NOTE: No excuses accepted. If you are not able to pay attention to your character and his or her surroundings, stop your character's actions, and turn off any front-end scripts and triggers to avoid accidental abuse. Sitting at the keyboard does not constitute attentiveness. If you're checked and don't respond within several minutes, you will be punished without exception.

2. Obscene Language:

Dragon's Gate © is a game for players of all ages. While we do not expect everyone to speak like an angel, we will not tolerate language that, in our discretion, is considered vulgar and/or obscene. The use of such language, whether or not you consider it IC, is not acceptable. This includes its use in casual and public speech, racial links, ESP contacts, or even in a character's name. A good rule of thumb would be what one might hear on prime-time television.

Multi-killing, Player Targeting, 'Feral' Behavior:

Dragon's Gate © is known as a "Roleplaying Game" which means that it is assumed that the player will present their character in a manner that is consistent with the game's environment and genre (medieval fantasy). This type of play is termed "in character" (IC) and means that the player is acting out the part in a believable manner. It should be noted that each race, class and religion has strict guidelines and should be followed in a consistent and believable manner. With many of the races/classes/religions, it is understood that there are elements of combat in Dragon's Gate ©, which will promote a competitive environment. There are many "gray areas" in terms of defining what is acceptable competition, and what is abusive behavior.

The "gray areas" are defined as...

'Multi-killing' -
The killing of another player or players, repeatedly, without interim actions on their behalf that warrant such killing.

'Player Targeting' -
Repeated and ongoing attempts to do harm to another player, including, but not limited to, physical harm and stealing items or money. While Dragon's Gate © is a game that allows player versus player battle (PvP), the targeting of a player or of multiple players for constant combat or theft is considered unacceptable behavior. Attacking the same person over and over again and not killing them, pushing them down over and over again, dragging them from room to room without cause, these things can be considered player targeting. Anyone exhibiting such behavior, especially one who chooses to prey upon weaker players for his or her own enjoyment, may be in violation of Dragon's Gate © policy.

'Feral behavior' -
This is a special type of 'targeting'. Basically this refers to people who create characters with no purpose other than to cause havoc, kill, maim, destroy, and generally try to ruin the enjoyment of the game for as many people as they can. Ferals often band together in groups and conspire to murder as many characters as they can until they are caught and killed. They seek to place their personal interests ahead of the other players in the game. This is a gray area considering that PvP combat is allowed in reasonable IC confrontations. However, Characters who consistently attack/harm other players they do not know, have not interacted with, or have had no interaction warranting such action, are in violation of game policy, and will be punished/removed accordingly.

4. Harassment

Harassment refers to a wide spectrum of offensive behavior. When the term is used in a legal sense it refers to behaviors that are found threatening or disturbing, and beyond those that are sanctioned by society. Continual unwarranted verbal harassment, or unprovoked harassment via character action, is not tolerated. Any player going out of their way to harass another player through the use of their characters, or the games post boards, can and will be punished.

Please note that scrolling (continual filling of the screen with text simply for the sake of annoyance) falls under harassment.

'Verbal Harassment' - Ok, this is a definite gray area and we try to be lenient towards a greater freedom of expression due to the inherent conflicts and backgrounds between our player races, but this does not give the player license to say anything that they want (even if it is not considered obscene) as often as they want, to another player.

'Sexual harassment / Mind rape' - Refers to persistent and unwanted sexual advances, using words and mannerisms toward another player(s), to convey unwanted sexually suggestive actions, where the consequences of refusing are potentially very disadvantaging to the victim.

5. Abuse of game 'bugs', 'undocumented features', etc.

It is the responsibility of all Dragon's Gate © players to report all problems, errors, or bugs in the game to the DGate staff as soon as they are found. The continued used of such is contrary to Dragon’s Gate policy as such bugs/errors can damage the enjoyment of the game for all its players.

Additionally, if you know about a bug or have heard about a bug and fail to report the bug to the staff, you will be treated no differently from someone who abuses the bug. Anyone caught abusing a bug may be locked out of any and all ME products forever.

6. Cross-character interaction:

In Dragon's Gate ©, every player is allowed to have five (5) or more characters to choose from to play the game. In no instance, without prior authorization by staff, are you allowed to use these character slots to, in any way, help or aid any of the other characters on your account(s). Violation of this policy may result in immediate lockout from the game. Repeat offenders may be locked out permanently.

Examples of this sort of abuse are:
  • Using one of your characters to 'avenge' yourself on someone who has wronged another one of your characters.
  • Using a third party or creating a character to transfer items or money between your own characters.
  • Leaving items in a location for another of your characters to retrieve.
  • Using another character or third party to ‘hold’ items while you delete and re-roll the original character.
  • Making use of knowledge one of your characters has that another one would not to benefit the other character.
  • 7. Any behavior that is contrary to the 'spirit of the game'.

    Ok, this is a 'catch-all' phrase and we know it. The bottom line is that Dragon's Gate © is here for the enjoyment of ALL its players and not just for a few. We reserve the right to make changes to and in Dragon's Gate © as deemed necessary.

    8. Representing yourself as an Elder or employee, sub-contractor or somehow being connected with ownership of Dragon's Gate © © Game.

    This includes making use of the disguise skill, faking staff email addresses, and faking staff messenger service names. Any player who does this may be locked out of any and all Dragon's Gate © © products forever.
    9.Pet Killing::

    Characters in Dragon's Gate © © are able to purchase familiars (and in some cases summon familiars) which travel with them upon their journeys in the Dragon's Gate © world. Because these familiars are mostly incapable of defending themselves and generally are RP tools, they fall under protected status within the game world. The killing of a familiar for no reason is a violation of game policy, as a general rule unless the familiar directly attacks you, bringing harm to you, or interacts with you (outside of its hard coded - scripted actions), it's illegal to kill that familiar. These pets can be easy to identify by the golden collar around their necks.


    In the unfortunate event that a player has engaged in unacceptable behavior, said player would be treated accordingly. Policy offenders generally will receive the following progression of disciplinary action, but in more extreme cases or issues with long term players who should know better, the staff reserves the right to speed/slow the process as they see fit.

    First Violation - The user will receive a warning describing the breach of policy Dragon's Gate © believes they have committed, either onscreen or via Email.

    Second Violation - The user will be locked out of Dragon's Gate © for a period of up to one(1) month (time frame will be at the disgression of the elder), and will be notified either onscreen or via Email.

    Third Violation - The user will be locked out of Dragon's Gate © for a period of up to six(6) month (time frame will be at the disgression of the elder), and will be notified either onscreen or via Email.

    Forth Violation - Any further or more extreme transgressions are punishable by either a permanent lockout of the account, or a 6 month plus lock on the entire account not just that character (time frame will be at the disgression of the Lead GM). Accounts are considered to have one owner, and will be treated as such.

    In certain circumstances, such as extremely abusive behavior, a user may be locked out without warning or notice of any kind. However, Dragon's Gate © will attempt a follow up with an Email explaining why this step was taken.

    Multiple users on the same account is NOT recommended and players do so at their OWN discretion. The account holder is responsible for the actions of ALL characters on his or her account.

    NOTE: It is your responsibility as a player to remain apprised of these policies. Claiming ignorance of them will not get you off the hook.


    We STRONGLY suggest ALL players reread the policies to get reacquainted with them. It is your responsibility as a player to remain apprised of these policies.


    When you choose a character name or otherwise create a label that can be seen by other players of Dragon's Gate, you must abide by the following guidelines as well as the rules of common decency. If Dragon's Gate © finds such a label to be offensive or improper, it may, in its sole and absolute discretion, change/remove the name and/or suspend or terminate your use of Dragon's Gate ©.

    In particular, you may not use any name:

  • 1. Belonging to another person with the intent to impersonate that person, including without limitation a "Owner/Elder/Guide" or any other employee or agent of Dragon's Gate ©;
  • 2. That incorporates swear words or which are otherwise offensive, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, hateful, or racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable;
  • 3. Subject to the rights of any other person or entity without written authorization from that person or entity;
  • 4. That belongs to a popular culture figure, celebrity, or media personality. This may include some ‘famous’ persons (i.e. “Michael Jordan”);
  • 5. That is, contains, or is substantially similar to a trademark or service mark, whether registered or not;
  • 6. Belonging to any religious figure or deity;
  • 7. .....;
  • 8. Related to drugs, sex, alcohol, or criminal activity;
  • 9. Comprised of partial or complete sentence (e.g., “Bob Forapples” or “Deadman Walking” "Inyourface", "Welovebeef", etc);
  • 10. Comprised of gibberish (e.g., "Asdfasdf", "Jjxccm", "Hvlldrm");
  • 11. Referring to pop culture icons or personas (e.g. " "Britneyspears", "Austinpowers", "Batman")
  • 12. That utilizes "Leet" or "Dudespeak" (e.g., "Roflcopter", "xxnewbxx", "Roxxoryou")
  • 13. That incorporates titles. For purposes of this subsection, "titles" shall include without limitation rank titles (e.g. , "CorporalTed," or "GeneralVlad"), monarchistic or fantasy titles (e.g., "KingMike", "LordSanchez"), and religious titles (e.g., "ThePope," or "Reverend Al").
  • You may not use a misspelling or an alternative spelling to circumvent the name restrictions listed above, nor can you have a "first" and "last" name that, when combined, violate the above name restrictions.

    Characters with such names may be subject to name changes without warning, or even punishment in the case of repeat offenders.

    The staff will make attempts to assist the player in choosing a new name, when appropriate. Please note that disguises are included in this rule.

    Requested Name Changes: Characters in the Training Grounds may assist and request a name change for RP reasons. Characters playing family members of another character may have their last names changed through assisting if the original name holder is there to approve it. In few limited situations, (i.e. harassment) the request will be viewed on a case to case basis. All other name changes MUST be handled IC'ly through the use of a city barrister.


    It may be necessary to adjust or sometimes wipe the entire character database clean due to problems with game balance or to upgrade to a major new game version. In the event that ME or the Dragon’s Gate staff, in their sole discretion, judge that such a wipe/adjustment is necessary, there will be no refunds/credits given out in any circumstances. As stated above, all characters belong to ME and as such, we may make adjustments as necessary. However, in the event that a 'wipe' becomes necessary, we will do everything in our power to do an 'adjustment' first. In the past, we have never executed a 'wipe' on the database once Dragon's Gate © was 'live' on a particular service and we hope to keep that record intact here. When we have gone to new versions, the characters have been ported automatically or adjusted by the Elders.


    Due to the volume of user traffic here on Dragon’s Gate, as well as the scarcity of good fantasy names, it is sometimes necessary for staff to purge the character name file of names that belong to inactive characters. The staff will determine the exact guidelines for what defines inactive. Generally, it means inactivity on any character on an account for several months. By contacting the lead GMs, one may have their account ‘locked’ to prevent a character purge.


    Staff WILL NOT perform pet transfers for ANY reason. Your pet is totally bonded to you and will not thrive with another master.


    Dragon's Gate © is a living world where the setting, situations and even rules change over the course of time. The staff reserves the right to make any and all adjustments, changes or modifications at any time without notification or consent of the players. Staff will, however, make every effort to warn players about major upcoming changes to the game as long as such warning would not, in the opinion of staff, adversely affect the game.

    Due to the pace of change in Dragon's Gate ©, and the difficulty in keeping the manual consistently up to date with the game changes, staff does not warrant that any information in the player manual is guaranteed, including racial and class abilities, traits, advantages and disadvantages. We do however; try to keep the online manual updated as much as possible.


    There is NO right to privacy, constitutional, common law or otherwise, once you are inside Dragon's Gate ©. Our Elders have the authority and ability to monitor public and private player conversations as Dragon's Gate ©, in its sole discretion, deems necessary for the ongoing running of the game. However, the Elders will not monitor any conversations unless they believe that the player or players involved in the conversations are engaging in or planning to engage in unacceptable behavior or if the player has been previously warned that his/her conversations will be monitored.


    While we have stated some of the rights that staff have regarding Dragon's Gate ©, it has always been our policy to also clarify what our obligations to you, our customer, are. In the unlikely event that we have failed in keeping up our end of things, please let me (Darrin Hyrup -- know and I will deal with it personally.

    Among your rights are:

    1. The right to be treated professionally by every member of the Dragon's Gate © staff. While we might not agree with you or your opinion, you must always be treated courteously and professionally. While not all Elders are alike and their role-playing 'personas' are unique and different, when you are interacting with them, they must never be rude, vulgar or obscene in talking with you.

    2. You have the right to have your opinions heard regarding Dragon's Gate ©. While Dragon's Gate © is a FRPG and discussions about customer service are not appropriate in a public place inside it, we have Out-of-Character (OOC) areas for just that purpose. Any well thought out and courteously presented opinions, comments and questions will be reviewed and taken into account as we make changes to the game.

    3. You have the right to be rewarded for reporting previously unreported bugs to us. While you are obligated by policy to report any bugs to us immediately, it is our belief that doing so should earn you something more than just a pat on the head or laurel and hardy handshake. Use the BUG command in game to report bugs that you find in the game, and if you are the first to report, you may earn yourself a prize. Reporting a bug to an Elder in game may also earn you a prize but only if that Elder is sure that the bug has not been reported before.

    4. You have the right to a game that is updated constantly and that is bug-free as we can make it. The Staff is committed to working very hard to make Dragon's Gate © the best FRPG anywhere. To this end we will work hard to remove any bug or problem we are aware of. We care a lot about Dragon's Gate © and we hope you will find this out over time.


    Intentionally disconnecting from Dragon's Gate ©, while in combat, is against policy, particularly when it's done in order to avoid death. It is an out-of-character means of avoiding an in-character problem. This is true regardless of whether you are fighting monsters or other adventurers.

    We know people get disconnected accidentally, and we make allowances for that. However, characters that disco repeatedly when they are in combat and badly wounded can expect to be warned or penalized. The right way to exit the game is by typing "exit", "bye" or "quit". Do not exit the game by closing the game window. That is considered discoing.


    Abuse of the “Novice” title or the PVP “off” setting is not permitted. This includes, but is not limited to, physically abusing (pushing down, punching, etc.) someone who has the Novice title or is PVP Off, or having it yourself and abusing the protections it affords. This also includes Novices/PVP-OFF characters that enter into PVP situations via healing one of the combatants. Any of these actions may result in the Novice title or the PvP “off” setting removed.


    Discussing topics that are from outside the game world, or acting out of character is not allowed within the IG game world of Dragon's Gate ©. Any such discussion/action that inhibits on the in-character atmosphere may be punished accordingly. Racial and ESP links also fall under this protection; OOC discussion on such is prohibited.

    There are several locations (OOC Inns) where such discussion is permitted. Some events (mostly notably the gladiator games) are specifically labeled as Out of Character, and such discussion/action is allowed at these events. Peddles should be considered IC events unless specifically stated otherwise. Such discussions include things like the Super Bowl, TV shows, music. Discussing game mechanics can also be considered OOC. Things like “That guy hit me for 40 points damage last night,” are inappropriate.


    It is understood that some suggestive/graphic activity may occur between players. However, any/all such activity of this sort MUST be between consenting adult (over age 18) players characters, and in private (i.e. behind locked doors) It cannot be overstated that any such mature/graphic actions are not permitted in public. Please note, players of all ages and backgrounds enjoy Dragon's Gate ©, and mature/graphic behavior may not be suitable/appreciated by all parties.


    Continual abuse of the assist command, the report command, or harassment of a staff member through any means is not allowed. Punishments may vary from short lockouts to give a player time to cool off to permanent lockouts in extreme cases. Please note that “staff fishing” (going to different staff members for help with the same issue until you get an answer you like) is strictly considered harassment and will be punished. Using a character’s spells to scry or translocate to an Elder is also not permitted.


    Account Issues:

    Dragon's Gate is NO LONGER affiliated with Mythic Entertainment. Information was left for review of past subscribers. 10:44 AM 8/31/2007

    Mythic Entertainment does it best to supply its customers with the best service. If you should ever need to modify your account information, or close an account, please visit From this page you can find links and info on joining the gaming service, editing your existing account info, and find out about our different payment methods.

    • If you have any questions about your account or your account ever becomes closed do to billing issues with your credit card, you need to send an email to to get the account reactivated.

    • If you find that you need to leave Dragon's Gate © for a period of more than 3 months, and plan on returning, please email the Lead GM. Dragon's Gate © periodically purges character names whose accounts have not been touched in a 90 day time frame. To avoid this, we can "lock" your account, which will prevent this from occurring during your time away from the game.

    Staff Email:

    • Please visit our Contact Page for a list of staff contacts.


    1. Age Change Requests:

    Any character may request their age to be changed for RP purposes, if they provide good reasoning for the change. No characters age may be changed for the character to be "immature" for that particular race. Continual requests for age changes on the same character will result in all age change requests being denied for that account.


    Rebuilds for deleted characters are virtually impossible, only the most extreme circumstances will be even remotely considered.

    3. Transferring characters to another account:

    A player wishing to transfer characters from one account to another may write the Lead GM and request that ONE character be moved from one account to another, the other characters on that account may not be transfered. That one character will be recorded by the staff, and all items they hold taken, re-rolled, and the stats/items restored to be exactly like the previous copy. This is to be reserved for the most extreme cases, and no player may request an account transfer more than once.

    4. Class changes:

    Direct class changes are not permitted. On a limited basis, characters may re-roll and change class if they wish, provided they write the Lead GM and supply plausible RP reasons. All skills will be lost, but we will allow a few RP items to be transferred (through an Elder), along with old eye/face/hair descriptions. Titles may also be transferred. Characters who attempt to transfer items from one character to another in any of the above functions, without the express written consent of the Lead GM, will be dealt with as someone violating the cross-charactering rules.

    5. Player Run Events

    After the event, a quick synopsis of how the event went is to be sent in to the event coordinator. For running the event, a person may receive 1 custom RP item from the peddle coordinator other than weapons/armor. The requested item should be specified in the synopsis sent in after the event is run.

    6. Player Run Papers/Publications

    Players who run or write for a paper/publication are eligible to receive payment for work. The editor of the paper/publication must first make sure the paper is approved ahead of time by the social event coordinator. After each publication, the editor is to send a report to the social event coordinator, TBA, that contains the names of the editor of the publication, as well as the names of those that wrote the articles.

    Payments are as follows:

    For every full paper edited and published (minimum 8 articles) the editor will be paid 500 gold. For each article in the paper (minimum 400 words) the writer will be paid 150 gold. For each poem/song in the paper (minimum 10 lines) the writer will be paid 50 gold. The editor will be paid the full amount for the work done, and it is the editor’s responsibility to pay those that have had their submissions published. Editors or publishers who are found to have not paid their staff will have their papers/publications closed immediately.


    You are welcome to publish your paper/publication on your own website. If the publication follows the spirit of the game, we have a place on the website to link players to your site. We also encourage players to post on the message boards. If you wish to get your own posting folder for your publication you will need to demonstrate your paper/publication is going to publish six times a year. To demonstrate this, staff would like to see you post at least 3 consecutive issues under a general city folder. If we see that you have had some success at finding writers and/or provoking community interest, we may open a ‘special’ posting folder for your publication.

    7. Familiars & Pets

    ** We DO NOT support/assist with pet transfers between players. **

    Pet Killing
    Characters in Dragon's Gate © are able to purchase familiars (and in some cases summon familiars) which travel with them upon their journeys in the Dragon's Gate © world. Because these familiars are mostly incapable of defending themselves and generally are RP tools, they fall under protected status within the game world. The killing of a familiar for no reason is a violation of game policy, as a general rule unless the familiar directly harms you, attacks you, or is interacts with you in any way (outside its hardcoded - scripted actions), it's illegal to kill that familiar. These pets can be easy to identify by the golden collar around their necks

    Read through the following agreement and click "I Agree" on the registration page to proceed with the Account Creation process.

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