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How To Play and Connect Guide

Welcome to Dragon's Gate, a world rich in history, exploding with quality RP and thriving, friendly community and staff. Dragon's Gate is an interactive, real time, fantasy atmosphere role-playing game where you make a difference and your imagination is your only limitation.

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Let's get started ...

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You will need to DOWNLOAD THE WIZARD FRONT END to play Dragon's Gate.

When you are given the choice to run the file or save it to your hard drive, run the file. After it finishes downloading, it will ask you to choose where you want it to be located. It should default to "C:\Program Files\DG\". Unless you wish it to put the files in a different folder, just hit ok, then exit the program when it says it is done. Now you need to open your Windows Explorer and find the DG folder inside the Program Files folder on your C drive. There will be a file called "Dragon's Gate" or "Dragon's Gate.exe" in there - right click on it. This will bring up a menu with one of the options being "Send to". Chose that, and then choose "Desktop". This will create a shortcut to the Wizard program on your desktop. Now all you need to do is make sure that you are connected to the internet, and then double-click this icon. You are then in Dragon's Gate.


* Note that the Wizard Program is PC only. If you are using another OS such as Macintosh, you will have to find a Telnet client made for your machine. You can also use other Telnet clients on PC, as there are several on the market at this time. Some popular ones are listed on the downloads page of this site. Some of these clients charge a fee for using their program, others do not. If you have downloaded one of these programs, you will have to connect to to, port 34283, or IP port 34283



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Once you have connected to the Dragon's Gate server, you will be asked for an account name and password. You MUST use the account name you created when signing up for Mythic Entertainment Games, and the appropriate password that you picked as well.

Creating a Character in Dragons Gate


Once you have logged correctly in to the game, its time to create a character! At this point we highly suggest you read at minimum the quick start guide which gives you a basic summary of each of the races, classes, and potential choices youll need to make during the character creation process. Reading the games player manual will provide you with even more detailed information on the character creation process, the races of the game, and other information which may be very useful to you in crafting a character which you would enjoy playing.

Visit the tutorial page on "How To Create a Character".


This section will help you with beginning of your characters life in the training grounds. It also includes directions for Logging in and getting started.

Please visit the tutorial page on "The Training Grounds" for more information.


Please see our QUICK START GUIDE section.


Please see our PC MANUAL section.

The Dragons Gate manual contains important information for getting around the game world. Not only does it include mechanical information pertaining to skills and rune magick, it also includes important characteristics of the races, classes, and major religions that will help you to role-play your character. We have included as much information as possible to help you begin your Dragons Gate experience.

The guidelines in the manual serve as a basis for your character, as well as help you to interact with other characters. Be sure to read through the manual and dont be afraid to ASSIST for help in game, or ask your fellow citizens. Also available are in-character(IC) boards and out-of-character (OOC) boards, where you can find out more information about the game world both from players, or interact with other characters ICly. A link to those boards is available on the Dragons Gate Website, under the Boards link. If you find yourself totally unable to get the answers you need, feel free to email the staff member who would fit the appropriate category of your question and wed be happy to help you find an answer.

10/17/06 - I have heard from Darrin and the news is GOOD! His hopes are to have the game back up around Thanksgiving. If that is not possible he has some time at the end of the year to really dedicate to our game, but he mentioned that seems too far away for him. (Hurray!). We do have some pit falls we may encounter. One being the old server system has pretty much self-destructed. He has a few plans to correct the situation has promised me to he will keep us updated on his decisions. I have no new news on new player enrollment. We will have more news once the server situation becomes clear. Staff will continue to work behind the scenes developing scenarios and events. We will also be discussing how best to handle the missing months In Game. I miss talking to you all and can not wait to see you back in the game. ~ Gia

Mythic Accounts:

2/26/06 3:23 pm
Hello folks,

Some of you may have already seen the post on the Mythic Realms forum about the announcement of the closure of the game center, you should also be recieving an email to that effect if your account is active and your email address is up to date.

In case you somehow miss it, the body of that notice should basically be as follows:
Attention Mythic-Realms Gaming Center Subscribers,

It is with heavy hearts that we must bid farewell to our Mythic-Realms Gaming Center service and all games hosted therein, effective January 31st, 2006, at 12:00 p.m. EST.

The decision to do so was not an easy one to make, as all of the titles we have offered over the years at the Gaming Center are ones that still hold a great deal of sentimental value to all of us here at Mythic Entertainment. However, we are unable to continue to devote resources, financial or otherwise, to the Gaming Center while also working full-time on Dark Age of Camelot and our upcoming Warhammer MMO.

We want to extend our appreciation and thanks to all subscribers, beta testers and in-game volunteers who have stuck with us over the years.

Warmest wishes,

Mythic Entertainment

Now, before you panic, I am trying to insure that Dragon's Gate remains available. The server should remain available as usual for now, while I work on moving it to a new home. More than likely, Mythic will continue to host the game (ideally you won't even see a change) or if nothing else, I will be hosting it myself. I'll have more information about what's going on, soon.

In the mean time, everything should be able to continue as planned. If you know people who don't keep up with these boards, let them know that the game is sticking around for now, and I plan to make sure it continues to remain available for the foreseeable future.

Btw, it is possible that the game center may be returning under new management at some point in the future, but if or when that will happen is anyone's guess at this point.

Thanks for your patience while this process takes place, and thank you for your continued love and loyalty for Dragon's Gate.


Darrin Hyrup
Mythic Entertainment
Dragon's Gate

(2/2/06 10:03 am)
Hello again folks,

I just wanted to give everyone a quick update... Mark Jacobs and I sat down earlier in the week and came to an agreement about how things will be handled in regards to Dragon's Gate. We both agree that we want to keep the game alive and available, but there are some issues that we have to deal with as part of making that happen.

The short version is that I have to pull the game from Mythic's network and find a new home for it; the current plan is to host it myself... at least for now. So, what this means to you is that we're leaving everything as it is right now while I get things set up for moving the server. Once everything is ready, there will be some downtime while the toaster is moved to its new resting spot, and set up for your use. I will make a post with all the new connection information once that process is complete.

As a FYI, the current plan is to keep the game available to the existing playerbase without charge. Anyone who is a current or former player of DGate on the game center will keep their existing account (re-opening as necessary), but I don't plan to create too many new accounts, at least not for a while. I want to keep the community intact and keep the hosting costs minimal, and keeping the playerbase limited will help while I figure out what resources we have to worth with. At some point in the future it may be necessary to ask for donations or a small fee to pay for hosting costs or something, but there are no plans for anything like that in the foreseeable future.

All in all, other than some behind the scenes stuff I have to work out which you won't see, the game will remain pretty much unchanged from what you are used to.

Once things are in place and ready to move, I will post to let folks know that downtime is coming and how long it should take to get the server moved and set up in its new home.

Thanks in advance for your patience during this process.


Darrin Hyrup
Mythic Entertainment
Dragon's Gate