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Gaudior Revlis

Biography ...

Drag-al Psion

Born of Hart and Kalayla Revlis, Gaudior Revlis was raised in the small town of Dowfox in the mountains, nestled comfortably in a verdant valley. She had a brother, several years younger, Hoop Revlis. She was raised by the community of drag-als living there, and spent many an evening sitting as a very young drag-al on a bar stool listening to the more ancient ones speak of the city of Spur. Ever since she learned of the city, her heart has longed to travel there.

As she grew older, her father, a devoted earth mage of Sa, and her mother, a similarly devoted water mage, both encouraged her to follow in his footsteps. As much as she tried, she realized with horror that a mage might not be her calling, as much as she tried to become one to live up to her father’s wishes. Her father worked harder with her every day, trying ever more vehemently to teach her simple spells. She never seemed to get any of them right. While friends of hers quickly became novice mages and fighters, she felt as though she would never get it right. Her close friends consoled her, even tried to help her. A family friend by the name of Jarvey Fwooper, an accomplished fire mage, even tried to help her with secret lessons, but to no avail. As much as it was becoming more and more clear that she was simply not cut out to be a mage, she kept trying.

One day, while Gaudior was trying yet again to master a simple offensive spell, Hoop came bounding in to where she was practicing, practically jumping out of his skin with excitement. He nearly singed Gaudior’s clothing with a rogue breath of fire while hollering and whooping, and would have if she hadn’t ducked just in time. When Gaudior was finally able to get him to talk coherently, he cried, “Reildas! Reildas is back!” Before hearing another word, Gaudior was up and running toward the center of town, Hoop at her heels.

“Reildas!” she cried, pushing through the crowd toward the relatively young drag-al now standing admits a throng of others. She rushed to him, straight into his outstretched arms. “You’re back!” He laughed and lifted her up above his head, and she giggled.

“Worried I wasn’t coming back, little Gaudie?” he asked her as he put her down. She shook her head from side to side vehemently, with a smile that always graced her face when he called her “Gaudie.”

“I always knew you were coming back, Das!” she exclaimed with a grin, calling him by the name only used by her, and hugging him again. Reildas was like an older brother to her. He was, in fact, the son of Jarvey, but had always treated Gaudior as his little sister, and she had always looked up to him as an older brother. He had left on a journey, to go become a merchant, and she had missed him terribly. He looked different, now that he was back, but Gaudior couldn’t put a finger on just why. Sure, his clothes were different, and he came riding into little Dowfox on a fine-looking pony laden with gifts, but there was something else.

A few days later, when he had passed out his gifts (he had brought Gaudior a few tigers-eye trinkets and a magnificent emerald-colored silk gown, which she had worn with pride to his welcome home party the same night) and told the eldest drag-als of his journeys (as was custom) he found Gaudior privately working on her spells, and surprised her when he walked up quietly behind her and asked what she was doing.

Gaudior was flustered, and embarrassed that she still couldn’t get a single one of the many spells people had tried to teach her. She said nothing, merely pointed to the barely singed sack of potatoes she had been using as a target for her practice. At first Reildas looked confused, but he then understood.

“Having trouble with the spells, little Gaudie?” he asked gently. She nodded slowly, tears of frustration trickling down her face. “Aw Gaudie, don’t cry,” he said, sitting down beside her and wiping away the tears, “I wasn’t a very good mage, either, you know.” She looked up at him, confused.

“But... but you never wanted to be a mage. You were always so good at haggling and selling things... it was obvious you were going to make a great merchant,” she said glumly, sniffling slightly. “And so you left, and now you’ve seen many lands and many people. You look... different, somehow, as though the desire in your eye when you left has been satisfied by what you’ve seen on your ventures,” she continued. “But I’m... I’m barely good at anything. I will never get out of this town as anything. I can’t cast spells, I can’t swing a weapon, I’m not devoted enough to be a cleric-”

“Gaudior, listen to me,” he interrupted, “I’ve traveled all over, and I’ve seen many things. Some wonderful things, some horrible. And as much as I’ve met many different people that have had marvelous talents, I have never met someone like you, so wonderful and bright and brilliant.” He looked at her, and she saw a new emotion in his eyes that had never been there before, and she didn’t quite recognize. He paused, pondered a few moments, and then said, “Gaudior... I saw something amazing on my journeys. I saw many psions. Masters of the mind. I remembered how you always used to love the stories of them, and so I thought of you.” Her eyes widened. A psion! They were as real as a fairy tale to her. She had never met a psion. She had heard of them in stories, and was always in awe of their awesome mental powers.

“Psions?! Really, Das? Do they really exist?!” she asked hopefully. He nodded, a smile upon his face.

“Maybe you should travel away from Dowfox and see what else this world has to offer. This town produces great mages and clerics and merchants and fighters, Gaudie, but you never did seem to be like everyone else in this town. Maybe it’s time you moved on,” he said. She couldn’t believe it. Maybe that’s why she couldn’t master the art of a mage. Maybe she had a greater calling, away from Dowfox.

She told her father that same night. He was shocked, but he understood her feelings. “Just come back to me one day, all right? I want to see what’s become of my little ruby-red,” he said. Her mother cried and asked that she come back eventually, too. Hoop thought her adventures would make a great story one day, and he begged her to tell him everything when she finally returned. Within a few days she had packed adequate supplies, and Reildas gave her his pony, deciding that he would stay in Dowfox for a while, seeing as he had had his adventures and earned his small fortune.

He walked her to the outskirts of town very early on the morning of her departure. “Gaudior, you have to come back to us all one day,” he hesitated, “...especially me. You’ve grown up quite a bit while I was away, and become so pretty...” he trailed off as he looked up at her with a tear glistening in his eye. “Just come back, all right? I promised I’d come back, and I did... promise you’ll come back, Gaudie?” She looked down at him, smiling softly, and nodded.

“I’ll come back, Das. I promise,” she said, her voice sincere. Then, as was her way, she gave the horse a quick kick in the sides and had suddenly galloped off. Reildas waited until he saw the pony gallop over the last hill before walking back to town.

After visiting many places, and even spending years in some to consider a different profession, Gaudior realized where she wanted to go. She had not forgotten the stories of the great city of Spur. So she traveled, although stopping often to take in a drink at a local tavern or speak to those wiser than her. In time, she arrived at the Academy, and discovered psionics. She loved the art, and quickly took up its study.

Due to some social trouble, and since she felt she was ready, she left the Academy and the Training Grounds to settle in Spur, where she quickly made all sorts of new friends, mostly of the drag-al persuasion. She enjoys hunting with friends, drinking, parties and good jokes.

And now, after spending the time she has in Spur, she feels it is time to leave again. Perhaps to head home and see her dear friend Reildas again, and her family and hometown. She has not seen them in nearly 25 years, and looks forward to her journey, although she will miss the many friends she has made in the Spur. She has made them the same promise she made to her family and friends all those years ago, that she will return... one day.



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