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Green Kildare

Biography ...

Human Forester of Elindale

The Kildare name comes from a human community, in the northern steppes by the Great Divide. Wexfyurd Kildare was a Cavalier of some renown, with some of the best equestrian skills know in the land. He had three sons and a daughter, and taught them the importance of the world around them. Although the family home still resides in the north, two of the sons have left for great adventure. Brygid Kildare, the anchor of the ancestral home, still maintains the estates for the family today with her husband in semi retirement. It is she who fostered her children's' quest for knowledge, and tempered their warrior spirit with study and patients. The men in the family have translated this into studies of tactics, and lightly dabbling with magicks.


Of those who have left, Braemoore Kildare is a sailor, choosing to eschew the family line and follow a different path both religious and professionally. Wexfyurd's eldest son, Green, began his career as a scout for his father's cavalry brigade, and to this day he seeks his fortune in this regard in the regions south of his homeland. He hopes one day to become the accomplished warrior and rider his father was, and win more honor for his father's name.


Green has recently earned the position of Forest Keeper for the Knights of Elindale, as well as Champion of the childe Hope.

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