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Livana Lichlord

Biography ...

Secian Sword Cleric

I came to the Spur a very long time ago. Some of my earliest friends were Weldoian, Glinka, Cappy, Traph, Trelantris, Ophilia, Tula and Tisha. I spent most of my early years exploring the city of Spur and the lands surrounding it, and having fun with my other Secian kin. My younger days were bright and full of laughter and happiness. I took up healing in the service of Set, the shadowed one, the wise, the cunning. I was adopted by Orchist and Panthera Lichlord, and joined a large, happy family that consisted of Blackwind, Carron, Danaea and Bethany. The Spur was very different in those days...

Many things changed. I left Spur for a time, to help those I could in outlying towns with healing and aid. A time of great change fell upon the world; runemagick was twisted and warped, some thought an apocalypse was upon us and the end of our world was imminent. It was at this time... something that is hard for me to talk about happened. His face looked away from me, His back turned upon me, and I lost my Way. I became very ill. It was fortunate that I was in a small village at the time, they nursed me back to health. They said I was consumed by a fever of the brain, crying out to shadows and ghosts in a language they did not understand. They seemed surprised that I lived; apparently I was ill for a very long time. To this day, I still have trouble remebering things sometimes, and sometimes it seems as if the world flickers before my vision, and I wonder if I am sleeping, or awake.

Penned this day for Livana Lichlord by Anelion Trehol, Scribe

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