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Msanychta Keios


Character Race: Drake

As told before…

One year… But a speck of dust in the sands of time, yet infinitely long when both chasing and being chased by your own secrets. Those who know me and were curious as to my sudden departure from your lives, no doubt leaving an empty feeling, read and know my story. Those whom I didn’t care to know, continue on at your leisure, though you may feel free to keep your observations and questions to yourself.

Bodhi Azamanth, my given name, though not given to me by those that should have. After growing up and coming to the Academy, I finally came to fully know what I was, but not who I was. Over the next few years, many answers came to me, though each one raised additional questions until they finally consumed me. I think, perhaps, my mind was my own worst enemy. Alone, in silence, it screamed. And try as I might, I could not lock away the void inside me in a deep or dark enough place that could escape being seen by my inner eye. Not until that void was fully lit by that vibrant ray of sunshine I have come to know as Julia did I fully understand what I was to do. And so, though it pained me to leave her company, I slipped away and began my search.

So I traveled, with no particular destination, nor a purposeful direction. The only thing I had to guide me was a dream I’ve long had. In my dreams, I saw a luscious green valley with tall, ancient trees, surrounded by snow-capped granite mountains, behemoths against the purple-blue sky. And through it all ran a raging river that emptied itself into a lake so clear that even though it was shallow, it reflected the sky so perfectly that its’ depths seemed limitless. For several long months it seemed I was searching in vain for such a place, and I began to become discouraged. I bore witness to the changing of the seasons, to sunrises and sunsets so vivid it would be hard to capture even a miniscule amount of their beauty by even the most accomplished artists, and star filled nights so brilliant it almost seemed as if it were day. Long and far I traveled, over mountains so high it felt as if my lungs might explode, and through swamps and bogs where the air hung so heavily it felt as if it was weighted with my own worries. Forgetting to eat and sleep, I fell into a terrible fever and wandered aimlessly, until I came upon a place that exactly matched my dreams. Not knowing whether to believe my eyes or accept the fact the fever was taking me, I collapsed beneath a huge tree, and sleep finally took me.

I awoke sometime later to a pair of miniature ruby-red eyes looking down at me, and wings fanning me softly. Still convinced I was dreaming, it had been so long since I had seen anyone else, I closed my eyes and rolled over. Then, when he began tickling me, though I believe it was a series of very serious pinches, I knew I must truly be awake. After learning that I had been asleep for nearly two weeks, the little one I came to know a Yenshi told me he had come across me after playing with a deer. With the help of some magick, and virtuous patience, he managed to get me back to his very dazzling house, and had overseen my recovery to full health.

I spent two days awake with Yenshi in his house, exchanging philosophies and stories. When he asked me how I came to find the valley, I told him of my dream. Several hours went by as I told of my travels, and my motives behind them. I’m not sure if I’ve ever held an audience as attentive as he, and after I was finished with my story he began to cry. Not knowing how I had caused this little one harm, I left the house and found my way down to a lake just like the one in my dreams. All night I sat there, looking upon the waters, hoping they might reflect some of the answers I sought. At dawn, the reflection I did see was not one I was expecting.

A large, beautiful onyx black dragon descended over the water, and came to rest next to me. Not quite knowing what to say, I decided my best course of action would be to continue looking at the water. After a while, she turned to me and asked if I was the one that had been talking with little Yenshi. I told her I was, and apologized for causing her little one to cry. When she explained why he had cried, I half didn’t want to believe it, and half couldn’t believe it. Exactly the same number of seasons ago as had come to pass until I found my way to that valley, Sequoi’a had given birth to a young draco, and had given him into the company of a human family to be raised. Yenshi had been heartbroken at this decision, but had agreed. Now, there I sat on the shore, looking directly at my past. A long conversation ensued, each asking questions, ten of mine for every one of hers. When a silence finally overtook us, she got up and began making her way from the lake up towards the side of a mountain. Feeling as though I should follow, I later found myself in the most fantastic lair I’ve ever seen.

Adorned with diamonds ranging in size from flecks of powder to small boulders, precious gems and jewels, suits of armor and weapons made of rarest metals, graciously donated by those who had met her with cruel intentions, the very air seemed to shimmer and sparkle in the semi-darkness. There she sat and began to give me the answers I was looking for. I learned of my heritage, stories long told and passed down, though none reading this will know them if they aren’t to know. More and more questions came, most answered and the others answerable by my new knowledge. For one more week I stayed in that valley with Sequoi’a and Yenshi, listening and watching. The void disappeared, filled with the answers I had sought. Soon though, I began to feel the pull to return, and made my way back.

Now I return, with questions only the future and my own actions can answer.

Action has been taken. The name mortals gave me is cast away. Know me now as Msanychta Keios.

Several months have passed since my return. Julia and I have bonded, I her Midnight and she my Eclipse. Look there, where you see a void of darkness where there should be light, and you will find me.

~ Author

~ Msanychta Keios

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