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Emor Grittorr

Biography ...


I Bohmmemir good merchant and drag-al in good standing have promised my servant, Emor Grittorr, that I would set in writing in the common tongue of his history. I have sworn on the altar of Odarous the following is a true rendition of his story. Being a Thugian, Emor has no ability to pen this history nor has he the capability to render a cohesive rendition of all that has past in his life. But being his companion these past 5 elfin years has taught me to understand his language and meaning. Thus our story begins... The earliest mist of Emor`s memory begins in his early youth. Memories of a dark ,dank, unforgiving hole in the side of the mountain was apparently his early home. Rats caught with the bash of a sharpened stick was his diet. His mother only noted his existence in passing and offered none of her food much less the comfort usually given a parent to a child. To add conflict to this was the presence of a younger brother Erook, who seemed to receive the juicier rats as a way of receiving preferential `love` from their mother. Emor was part of the Grittorr clan that served the dark Lord and helped to defend Fort Tarath. By some misfortune Emor, Erook and his mother Erglaad were exiled from the north. This prompted Erglaad to take her two offspring to a far land away from the terror that she sensed. Months of traveling , mostly after dack brought them to the great lake south of Spur. Wererats and alligators were plentiful and bellies remained full. Erglaad though was not content as almost daily raids from the Rijom warriors proved more than she could bear. Erglaad packed all their belongings and traveled further south to the village beside a great lake. Life in Edgewater was much more agreeable and quiet. Fishing was good and the fish was the best meat they had ever had. Emor was unsure at this point why his mother and bother disappeared but non the less, he found himself quite alone in this small burg for many years. He recalled pleasant days of fishing, napping under the great tree north of town and frequent swims in the lake. The townsfolk grew used to him and some would throw food scraps to him at the end of the day. It was into this Thugians life that I came. I am a merchant by trade and needed a replacement for my poor pony that had breathed his last as I came into Edgewater. The mayor and I had a meeting about my stay and I promised to practice a fair trade while in town. During that meeting Emor wandered by the open town hall door and grinned a big toothy grin. It was friendship at first sight. Emor would follow me about town as I made my calls on the local traders. Emor even enjoyed pushing my cart in lieu of my pony. Days passed into weeks and we became fast friends. Emor seemed a bit lost however and in need of a purpose in life. It was then that I started taking him to temple to pray to my god Odarous. Emor seemed impressed by the teachings of the priests we met there. One priest showed Emor a gleaming blade and demonstrated a few parry and thrust maneuvers. Emor was awestruck. Aha , I thought, perhaps this thugian could be trained as a fighter and thus seek his own way in the world. I prayed for the blessings of Odarous and dedicated my good friend to his service. And with only I crude sword and a backpack to hold a few good, I sent my young friend to the great training grounds. And so the adventure begins.....

Penned this day for Emor Grittorr by Bohmmemir, Scribe

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