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The Spurian Slanderer

The Spurian Slanderer Volume 1 Issue 1

Introducing The Spurian Slanderer. We are a newspaper that seeks to inform and entertain, but with out pulling the punches. If you wish to send us news or letters to the editor, point our reporters in a story’s direction, or join our staff, then contact our Chief Editor Melraath SilentPaw, or write us at SpurianSlanderer@hotmail.com.

We are looking for writers, reporters, and support people. To protect our staff reporters and writers are allowed to use code names or anonymity. We must know your name, but we will protect it to the death. Be sure to thank our Brave and Fearless Leader for shielding us all from sword blades at risk to him self.

We pay gold for information, if it is of use to us and it passes our fact-checkers’ scrutiny. Writers are also paid, a flat rate plus bonuses.


  • Melraath Silentpaw- Chief Editor, Brave and Fearless Leader, Prince of Thieves.
  • Angel Maybelle– Writer, Reporter, Director of Innocence.
  • Ace Wildcard- Writer, Reporter. Staff Director of Morality and Ethics.
  • The Baroness of Beef- Reporter, Coordinator.

    Backroom Deals and Enraged Statues

    Kruses the Saian Leuian, Advocate of Entropy, has been politicking heavily to become Regent of Sa. He has been seen in Emjedah, making political deals with the Saians there to insure that they won’t oppose his rise in power. Additionally, he has employed spies to keep an eye on both Kreston and Renalk, two of the most powerful political figures in Emjedah.

    Back in Spur, a Saian prophetess came to TSC. Her words and the events that happened regarding the statue of Kralen are recounted in a post by Torrana. There is now a slowly draining hourglass in the altar room of Spur’s Sa temple. The following day the statue was making various assaults on Spurians.

    Follow up on Backroom Deals and Enraged Statues:

    Kruses’ attempt to seize the power of the Regency quickly was a failure, despite there being no Advocate of Chaos or Order there to contest him. In the middle of Monday’s temple Sa meeting, he delivered the following address, carefully crafted by his speech-writer:

    "And that brings us forward to discussing the Leadership of our Temple."

    "I trust ye all have seen the appearance of the hourglass in the Spurian temple."

    "Some of ye will remember, that the last time that the hourglass appeared, a Regent was named."

    "It has been many months now since the Regency of Bloodbaine has come to an end."

    "And we, the congregation of Sa, have been without a Regent"

    "In our past gatherings, we have chosen to abstain, and waited for a time to come when the matter would present itself more clearly, and we will understand both our will and want, and the true will of SA."

    "In the matter of moving forward with the Regency."

    "Well, it seems, my brethren that we have that sign that the time HAS come."

    "Well, there are more signs that this mere object that the time has come."

    "There is more than this mere symbol that the time has come - when looking at our congregation, at you and me and we, at Spur, at Emjedah, at Treehaven, it is clear that are not as together, as charged, as we have been, and could be."

    "We chose to wait for the will of SA to guide us to a Regent."

    "But, my sisters and brothers, our collective faith, our collective will, as well as each and every one of our individual souls and core of Faith and belief in ourselves, and our belief in SA, our belief and invocation in Magick IS the will of SA."

    "If you are strong in your faith in Sa, and you follow your honest path in his light and with his Magick, your will is the will of SA."

    "Our Lords hand does to sway this way and that for the trifles of a small area such as ours in the great and grand world of all Magick."

    "And so, my sisters and brothers, it is your will that will choose a Regent"

    "That will choose the new leader of our great congregation of Emjedah, of Spur, of Treehaven"

    "And so it is, my sisters and brothers of the golden dragon, that I stand before you today, under the altar of our lord, and ask you, and SA, if ye shall, and will, accept me, Kruses Jhennar Kunimalla, Sword Cleric of Lord Sa and servant to his faith."

    "I ask you this with the humility and truth that is central to my heart, and my faith, in SA and in you, and in myself, that I can, and will, stand strongly and humbly as the Regent of Sa."

    In this speech Kruses expressed an opinion many clerics of many religions would find controversial, that the will of the god is the will of the followers, encouraging the Saians to vote him in as Regent immediately. As arranged beforehand, Kruses’ supporters Desher and Noffbrau quickly exclaimed their support.

    The pivotal moment of the meeting came when Alya read a letter from the prominent Saian Renalk, Advocate of Chaos and Archmage of Emjedah. In the letter, Renalk expressed concern over making such an important decision hastily, especially during such times of crisis. The congregation decided to be patient on the matter for now. Also they plan to attempt to contact Allandra the Advocate of Order and to begin the search for a new Advocate of Order.

    Also, some disturbing things came out about Kruses during the meeting. He does not take the threat of the green eyes seriously, despite the worries of many of Spur’s clerics and other concerned adventurers. This may be due to his not being around often, beyond meetings. Thus he has not received visions from his god as others have and is not as well informed as others on the situation. Kruses is also against unity among the temples.

    Here is a private conversation Kruses had with Alya the Frontacian after the meeting:

    Alya: "Are you opposed to the idea of building a meeting house for the whole pantheon?"

    Alya: "I was unable to ascertain your reaction."

    Kruses: "Well, it does exist in form in the Temple of Truth already"

    Alya: "Yes, though it is far from the Spur and the exterior area infested with demons."

    Kruses: "Aye, which the monks hunt."

    Kruses: "I help them."

    Alya: "Renalk speaks of building another area, perhaps something like a dome or pavillion, where these meetings would be held. Official. It would be nice to bring all of Aradath together, seeing what we may be facing."

    Kruses: "I think it is a very grandious plan."

    Kruses: "As I've told you before, I think more on the ground level."

    Alya: "Let it never be said that Advocate Renalk does anything in a dull manner."

    Kruses: "I've seen that."

    Kruses: "I think it would build quite a name, and make a lot of noise throughout the lands."

    Kruses: "Why did you not mention it to me the other evening?"

    Alya: "He does wish for the both of you to represent our temple."

    Alya: "I actually thought that you knew."

    Alya: "It was spoken about in the last temple meeting."

    Kruses: "No."

    Kruses: "I did not."

    Alya: "My apologies then."

    Kruses: "I think it is an odd time for Temple Sa to be focusing on a gathering of other religions".

    Alya: "It may seem so, but it is not, considering events in the world."

    Kruses: "I believe it is."

    Alya: "If we do not bring the pantheon together who will?"

    Alya: "Who will combat the Alarians?"

    Kruses: "I think there are more important things, in our own temple."

    Alya: "The demons?"

    Alya: "The Foe?"

    Kruses: "We've been doing so for years."

    Alya: "You consider the fate of our single temple more important than the fate of Aradath?"

    Alya: "For years we have not been combating Alarians who are mere inches away from destroying all that we know."

    Kruses: "I find it difficult speaking with you, occasionally, Alya."

    Kruses: "And I will tell you why."

    Alya: "I realize that this comes at an inoppurtune time for you, but Renalk mentioned this at the last temple meeting, and wished to finish some more of it at this one."

    Kruses: "It is the same reason as there was some bad blood in the meeting this evening."

    Alya: "Because I anger quickly. This is a racial trait, and is why I am not a diplomat."

    Alya: "I speak bluntly, honestly, and abrasively."

    Kruses: "You have a tendecy to insiuat things, and run with them, and read into peoples words. Your temper takes control and it makes communication very very difficult."

    Alya: "I am fully aware of my own faults, Advocate."

    Alya: "I am not by any means attempting to insinuate anything."

    Alya: "You say that there are more important things within our own temple."

    Alya: "I speak of the fate of the world as a whole."

    Kruses: "And thus, as I saw tonight, I do not believe that it is best that communication from Advocate Renalk come through you any longer."

    Kruses: "Yes, I heard you, all very grand and large."

    Alya: "I read his letter, I do not see how I did not communicate his word adequately."

    Kruses: "Before the letter"

    Kruses: "No one insulted Renalk, you read that out of simple words."

    Kruses: "This is breeding bad blood again."

    Alya: "Forgive me, Advocate, but how is it not an insult to insinuate that Advocate Renalk is not fit for his position?"

    Alya: "I merely requested he not be spoken about in that manner while he was not present."

    Kruses: "As I said, you 'read' that out of words."

    Kruses: "Tennants exact words were "Why is he Advocate then?""

    Kruses: "You must not condesend to people, if you want respect"

    Alya: "And went on and on about how he isn't a priest and should not be Advocate."

    Kruses: "In Spur"

    Alya: "My apologies again, Advocate, but I responded only to what she said, I did not speak first nor out of turn."

    Kruses: "Well regardless, I have others to attend to."

    Alya: "I merely found it disturbing that he was not here to speak on his own behalf, yet was being discussed in a less than respectful manner."

    Kruses: "You read that in, and it created the tension, it was said outright."

    Kruses: "was not."

    Kruses: "Your temper flares easily."

    Kruses: "Such can be difficult, when acting as an envoy for another."

    Alya: "I am sorry, you must not have heard what I heard."

    Kruses: "But do have a good trip back east."

    Alya: "I shall, it shall definitely be interesting to tell those of Emjedah tonights events."

    Kruses: "Before I worry about this gathering of Renalks, I wish for him and I to resolve some things in our Temple, I"ll be sending him a letter soon."

    Alya: "Be well, Advocate.”

    Sorcerous Scandal

    The talk of eastern Emjedah is the upcoming marriage between Kreston Luminess and Alya Kesper. This event will mark a pact between two of the larger Frontacian noble houses and will alter the political landscape of Emjedah significantly. The two forces of the great houses could be a threat to even House Grandeur, if the two houses did not remain loyal. Rumors of Kreston keeping a Human runemage mistress in his home may destroy the alliance before it can ever begin. It is also rumored this mistress had green eyes……

    Maloveous Sightings

    The famous Muatana-al Maloveous, Lord Priest of Evoloch, was seen entering the underground 'Triumverate' temples in Spur for a chat with Railt the Penthanian Lord Priest of Arioch late Sunday night. Maloveous has been spotted in Spur an unusual number of times lately, causing fear in some and a sense of anticipation in others. Also, he mesmerized Gwen the Secian in retaliation to comments she made recently. We also have reports of Maloveous battling angry dragons.

    First Warder Steps Down, Inquisitor Overthrown

    It is a sad day for those who value honor and law, for temple Odarous is now with out a First Warder. Citing extreme bowel problems, the beloved First Warder Jurix recently stepped down. It chafes him to wear his shiny armor over the needed diapers. Also, the stench has been scaring away new recruits. Temple Odarous is now led by Aurak, a non-cleric.. Perhaps an explanation for all the lawlessness and chaos exhibited by the followers of the lord of Fairplay and Chivalry of late..

    Due to inactivity, hoarding of information, and his failure involving the mud village portal, Vincentiv, the Inquisitor of Taath, was overthrown by his congregation and replaced by Treyfelgar. It is rumored that after a six month probation period Vincentiv will be allowed to clean Treyfelgar’s torture instruments before ceremonies.

    The staff wish Jurix happiness and improved health. The staff also wish Vincentiv luck in his job search.

    Savarna Kidnapped?

    In recent weeks Savarna, owner of Aradath Adventures vanished. Reports out of Emjedah say that the green-eyed creature that appears as a San Elf and uses the name Chrysanrdi showed up in Emjedah and claimed to have kidnapped her. She then began making demands of local officials there. No word yet on if a deal was struck.

    Set Temple Turned Into Brothel

    Ever wonder what goes on behind the walls of the ultra secretive temple Set? So did we. After risking the cobras and assassins that guard the Set temple, our reporter witnessed a truly hedonistic and shocking scene. Several lush, young Sanene females were involved in a large wrestling match around the altar, their clothing ripped, their hair in disarray. Presiding over the ‘festivities’ was none other than Tahj, the Psycian air mage of Set. The twisted mage was using air spells to lift up skirts and cackling insanely. It is unclear if the Sanene women were acting under free will, or under coercion from the lewd Psycian

    Tchori Lands Job

    The staff would like to congratulate Tchori on his new position as apprentice to the esteemed clothing merchant Broyce. We are certain he will go far and make the merchant guild proud.

    However, there is some grumbling in the Leuian community. You see, part of Tchori's duties including waiting on Setites, taking their orders to their exact specifications. This isn't just humiliating and demeaning to a true Leuian's pride and honor. As is shown when Leuians sell items in the merchant posts, true Leuians will not deal with Setites. How then does Tchori come to terms with this seeming paradox?

    A source close to Tchori tells us he is making a noble sacrifice on behalf of the Leuian people. Tchori's position allows him to play favorites when taking clothing orders. Leuians do not have to wait in line to place clothing orders if Tchori wills it. In return, the Lueians ignore Tchori's comprised honor. Also, the great wealth Tchori receives when he attains merchant status will allow him to buy gifts for his friends.

    Tchori has found other benefits to his new job. He is learning to sew dresses under the legendary stylist Broce. Under Broyce's exacting eye, Tchori has developed the light touch and loose wrist needed to create the most delicate of laces.

    The staff would like to wish Tchori success in his endeavor.

    Dror Wars On Temple of Truth

    One again the great valor and immense battle prowess of Dror the Odarian Thugian is being shown to Spur. Some of you may remember Dror's courageous attack on the Odarian priests of Saladea, where he killed a record breaking thousands of Odarous' holy order. Dror's latest righteous crusade is against the students and monks of the Temple of Truth. (See related article, page 1) With his strong body and stout heart, Dror is tireless. We have reports of hundreds of monks and students slain a day by Dror. It is unclear if Dror is trying to help the demons and gargoyles take over the Temple of Truth, or if he just wants the students' lunch money. Dror is often joined in his brave work by his girlfriend Skylar, a Taathian Thugian. It is truly a romantic scene. They enjoy pulling the limbs off monks and feeding them to each other. They share passionate kisses, their lips coated with the brains of students. The Spurian Slanderer wishes Dror luck with his campaign and a happy marriage. Just don't eat our brains okay?

    Devan Goes On Murder Spree

    Proving the Taathians and Odarians don’t have a monopoly on insane killing sprees, the Setite Devan Astrocreep has killed a massive amount of adventurers in recent months. The Set temple claims his actions are unsanctioned, yet mysteriously this madman never kills Setites. Word is that Devan was recently executed by the city executioner and suffered permanent death. The staff wishes Devan a cozy place in Taath’s Hells.

    Magickal Carnival

    At the carnival this weekend, something very strange happened to Fiora the Psycian. One of the carnival workers guessed her age wrong, and rather than give her a prize, they somehow made her forty years younger. No word yet on what powers arcane or divine are behind this miracle.

    The Gropenquisitor

    Beware when walking the streets alone at night women of Spur, for a cruel predator stalks the streets. After being rebuffed by the women of temple Taath several times, the former Inquisitor Vincentiv has turned his attention to Spur’s other females. It is said he is very free with his hands and is often heard to use threats of beatings by his followers to try and intimidate females into submission.

    Naked Celebrity Picture!

    This issue….Jade!

    ::Here is a sketch of an alluring San Elf female, short and wiry, with long midnight tresses, the sides gently twisted into long braids. She is tapping her toe-ring on the ground and showing her self to a male San Elf and a male Human. Her back is turned to a weeping San Elf male.::

    *The caption below the sketch reads: "A new Inquisitor in town"*

    Thanks for reading. Keep your eye out for the next issue. If you would like to advertise with us, contact us at SpurianSlanderer@hotmail.com.

    Melraath SilentPaw
    Brave and Fearless Leader

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