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Laetus Firefly

Secian Runemage of Sa

The story of Laetus Firefly ...

I grew up in Healing Glen, just outside of New Secia. I was the younger of 2 girls, and my parents ran a small wayside Healer's shack and potion shop. My father, Amonie, was a Runemage and follower of Sa, and my mother, Adrena, and sister, Elza, were both Clerics of Rinanni. My father was constantly saying he wasn't sure what my mother saw in him. My mother usually just laughed at what she considered his silliness.

We had a good life. My sister had moved to Spur and had found a chosen in the dragon Syai. I went to school to learn the healing arts. And, my parents ran the store, with me helping after school. I figured I'd live there for ever, but that all changed when my father became ill. My mother and I worked to try and heal him, while we sent a message to Elza about his illness. She, of course, came home right away. Little did we know that this was just the first of the bad things to come.

Elza took over helping mother to care for father and run the shop, so that I could continue going to school. My parents wanted me to continue my education, even as my father's strength waned with the illness. I wanted nothing more than to stay at home caring for my father. Over the next few weeks, my father’s condition would get worse then better, but finally he seemed to stabilize. Then, he slowly started to get better.

One night, while helping my father eat his dinner, we heard a loud thud come from outside the shop. A stranger, who was barely alive, had collapsed on the doorstep to our healer's shack. This human male had been badly beaten, and had some sort of a bird carved into his right cheek. He looked horrible. We could feel pain radiating from him.

My father was not yet recovered enough to help us bring the stranger into the shop. So, it fell to my mother, sister, and I to get the stranger into the shop and onto a cot. We worked thought the night to clean his wounds and heal his pain. My mother sent me off to bed, so that I could be ready for school in the morning. And, when I awoke, the stranger was still clinging to life. He'd made it through the night.

I tried to get my mother to allow me to stay and help, but she and my father insisted that I go to school. In hind sight, It was a good thing I did go to school. Although at the time, I wasn't happy about having to go. I wanted to see the man wake and find out what had happened to him.

As it happened, I didn't get to see him wake, and I never found out what happened to him. When I returned home that evening from school, I found the front door off its hinges, and windows broken. I called out to my family and heard nothing. I probably should have run back into town and gotten help, but I foolishly entered the shop. What I found there, was so horrible that it took me a long time to get to the point where I could talk openly about it.

The bodies of my family and the stranger were scattered around the shop. The inside of the shop was destroyed beyond recognition. To this day I'm surprised the place didn't burn down or collapse under the amount of spells that been cast. I check to see if anyone was alive, even though I knew they were not. As I looked down at my mother, father, and sister, I noticed that they too had had some sort of a bird carved into their right cheek. At that point ran back to the town to get help.

Clerics from Rinanni's temple tried to resurrect my family and the stranger. The clerics felt that perhaps their bodies had been to badly desecrated to allow for a resurrection, or maybe they just didn't want to return. Whatever the reason, the attempts to resurrect my family and the stranger failed. The authorities were unable to find out who had done this to my family. The only clue was the bird marking.

With my family gone and the shop in ruins, I had to decide what to do. After seeing the failure of the clerics to raise my family, I had little faith left. I abandoned my studies and I gathered together what items I could salvage and a small amount of gold. I booked passage to Spur. I couldn't stay here anymore, too many painful memories. And there was Syai, my sister's chosen, she needed to be told. I felt that doing so in person was best. I wasn't sure what I would do after talking to Syai.

So, here I am. I've been here little over a year now. I went to the academy and learn the art of magick. I have a home, and friends. I've had two wonderful chosen ones, Terramir and Ceren'eidor. I do so hope they find what they are looking for. For the most part, I'm happy.

Well, that’s it. I hope I haven't depressed you all too badly. Though, I wish things were different and my family was still alive, I wouldn't change my life now for I’ve found a new chosen in the Draco Lilhyr Talion and have made Meetpoint my home.


Go Play! Go Play! Go Play!