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Dragon's Gate has 19 distinct races available for players, and for many reasons we DO NOT intend some of them to team with others. Therefore, some races have hostilities between them. Please keep this in mind when selecting which race your character will be and while role-playing your character. There are 3 other races that walk the lands of Aradath but can not currently be created and developed by players.

The Major Races ...

Dragon's Gate is currently in its fifth age as recounted by its intelligent inhabitants. There are many intelligent races in Dragon's Gate, and some semi-intelligent creatures that are frequently encountered by adventurers. A brief description of each race and some pertinent abilities follows. Each race has certain attitudes, philosophies, and other characteristic tendencies that are shared in general by ALL of its members. Some of the races are OPENLY HOSTILE to members of other races, and WILL NOT create an alliance/friendships with members of those races. As a newcomer, it is wise to be aware of these relationships, to avoid difficulties later on.

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• Alarian •
They come, the eyes of the forest will betray.
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• Anthian •
Anthians are a humanoid race of proud winged beings.
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• Arachnian •
Arachnians are a highly intelligent race of spider-like beings.
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• Drag-al •
Imagine a three foot tall dragon-like creature that is fond of wine, bad jokes and smoking a pipe and you have a fairly accurate image of a Drag-al.
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Arguably the most powerful race in the world, Dragons are also one of the most difficult to play.
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The fighting skills of Fir Elves, especially with bows, is legendary throughout the world and throughout the Ages.
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One of the original four races, Frontacians pride themselves on their traditions and histories. They see themselves as the world's elite politicians, thinkers, and runemages.
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Flerians by nature are communal individuals, and live in communities similar to those of humans.
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Servants to Chaos, this race is thought by scholars to have been created out of the warped experiments of the Chaos Lords.
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Doggedly industrious and stubborn as a mule, Hithuals are steadfastly loyal to family, clan and those they call friend.
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The most versatile of the races, Humans have no single trait that unites them all. Predisposed with golden voices and charming personalities, they are welcomed in most parts of the world. Humans are strong willed, extremely adaptable and learn easily, so are restricted by neither religion nor profession.
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Hailing from the Isle of Leuia, the Leuian race is proud and fierce.
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Monitanians, a bi-pedal race of powerful fighting lizards, are extremely brave, built for combat and are willing to prove it. They value honor and allegiance over all else. Making friends with a Monitanian is no small feat, but once a friendship is made, is it for life.
 ·  Click here for details · 

This mysterious, much-feared race is shrouded in mystery. White-skinned and dark-eyed humanoids in appearance, they are said to be creatures of Chaos, and it is known that the Muatana-al need to drain life from others to survive.
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• OOG-RA •
The strongest and least intelligent of all the races. The Oog-ra people are said to have come from one of the icy Northern Isles. Due to their large body mass and thick fur, they have a great resistance to cold temperatures.
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Tall humanoid race with bodies of a soft crystalline substance. They can be colorful, with the colors running in families. Penthanians are aloof and tend to be fairly unfeeling. They do not have much compassion or sympathy for others.
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Psycians are a race of human-like beings with incredible telepathic and psionic powers. They are highly intelligent and are regarded as the wisest of all the races.
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Violent, turbulent, and tumultuous, best describe life of the San, from birth to death.
 ·  Click here for details · 

Secians are beautiful, winged creatures, the tiniest of all the races of Aradath. Born with ruby-red eyes and dazzling blonde hair, they are known to charm nearly everyone they meet with their friendly nature. Honored by the gods with the gift of empathy, they are the world’s finest healers.
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Their sheer size and mass give them the second greatest strength in all the realm of humanoid races of the world.
 ·  Click here for details · 

Only in knowledge can true strength be found. Such is the path of the Usil.
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Wyverns resemble a drake or a large gargoyle, with some noticeable differences. Their lean bodies have conjoined wings and arms, and a pair of very strong legs that end with sharp, taloned feet. Wyverns tend to keep to themselves. As an exception they are known to associate with Go-blin-als, finding the race wild, brutal and cruel much like themselves.
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