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ou will find a vast array of festivals around Aradath ...

The world of Aradath has many events typically celebrated by its people, often in the form of festivals or religious ceremonies, based upon specific dates each year within the calendar. The holidays typically coincide with the God whose month is currently in power, celebrating the beliefs and events of that specific God and their temple. Stories further detailing events of the great holidays, as well as the stories behind them are available in the history and lore sections (under the library link) on the Dragon’s Gate website.

List of Fesitivals ...

• Festival of Shadows: October

Celebrated predominantly by the temple of Set at the end of the month of Tanei, it is a celebration of the dark and secret of the world of Aradath. Most years a massive festival is held in the city of Spur where citizens dress up in costumes of their favorite creatures from the darkest corners of the world. This time of year is most often marked by strange occurrences in the dark, a few people going missing, and deep shadows descending across the lands for a period of days.

• The Great Celebration of Rinannimas: Early December

Celebrated by the temple of Rinanni during the month of Rina, Rinannimas is a celebration of the beliefs of Rinanni, peace, love and knowledge. Typically highlighted by a massive festival, the celebration of Rinannimas encourages the peoples of the world to come together to share knowledge amongst one another, remember times of the past, and bask in the love and peace of Rinanni. The peoples of the land often purchase gifts for their friends and loved ones, and receive them as well over the course of the holidays celebration festival. Though the holiday itself falls on one day, it’s not unheard of for the festival celebrating it to last many days, or even weeks in some cities where Rinanni’s presence is most strongly felt.

• Magick Festival in Emjedah: April

• (May)NEW YEARS CELEBRATION - Hosted by The Human Council

• Treehaven Festival: June.

• Celebration of Nature’s Renewal:

Celebrated by the temple of Elindale during the month of Daleth, Elindale’s servants the Wind Fairies dance around the altars of her temples within the great forests, re-invigorating nature for another year. The powers of the wind fairies bring about a renewal for nature, starting the processes of nature again for another year.


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