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Please excuse the lack of information on this page. It is currently being worked on.

Quests of knowledge




Noble Girl Spur's Park.

Find the lost kitten.

Quests of Ability




Rob the Taxman

Wolf Tavern

Visit with a merchant who is in need of your help to rob the taxman on his way to Rathan.

Master Hunter

The Plains

Bring the master hunter the manticore fangs from the manticore roaming the trail to Rathan.

Master Hunter

The Plains

Bring the master hunter the hide from the white squirrel at the top of gavren forests.

Master Hunter

The Plains

Bring the master hunter a thick grey oliphant hide from the wild oliphant roaming in the southlands.



Various rifts open in 5 areas around Aradath. High Suggestion to travel there in a high level group.

Wolftrap Tavern Quest (4.10.05)

Wolftrap Tavern

San elf in Wolftrap would like a few words with you.

Forge's Love Quest (3.20.05)

Poor Quarter

Human in Poor Quarter looking for adventurers interested in a job. Few questions asked; pays well.

Kraken (3.8.05)

Sky Lake

The foresters of Sky Lake Commune need help with a problem. Seek them out for more information.


Training Grounds

This quest takes a amber lump and gives you a ranger ring with a special message inscribed on it.

Fletcher Spur's Ransacked Caravan

The fletcher takes broken arrows found within the caravan and replaces them with new quivers.

Fortune Teller Spur's Gypsy Camp

Return parts of a divining bowl to the gypsy fortune teller.

Aldo's Talisman Shop Spur's Bazzar

Turns a special diamond into a magickal talisman.

Elderly Sage Rijom Mound

Hunt down the ghostly Rijom Chieftan and return a the slab to the sage.

Craftsman Spur's Docks.

Turns coal found in mines into special diamonds.

Thugian Guard Market Circle.

Bring the off-duty thugian guard a strawberry from the farm.

Alchemist Spur

The alchemist requires some special items to make his potions.

Harbor Master Spur's Docks

Bring in crates that the smuggling ring leader has stolen to the harbor master.

Farmer Spur's Farm Lands

Remove the farmer's pest problem.

Eccentric old hermit Near the Forest Stream

Bring the hermit a rainbow trout .

Fairie/Druid Gavren Forest & Caersech Forest

Bring the fairie the remains of her family which the pixies killed and the pixie Druid is carries to use for various nefarious purposes. In return you get a reward with fairie Dust.





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