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Welcome to the Old Religion

Lords of Chaos:

During the Age of Darkness, the Lords of Chaos were the original rulers of Spur and those lands surrounding it before the "true" gods arrived. Each of the three lords of chaos represents one of the three sides of the balance. The Lords were the masters of the tribes that lived across the continent of Aradath, and the only strong resistance to the might of the Dragon Imperium.

There are still those who follow the beliefs of the three lords. Please take the time to read over their history.

up button ~ Lords of Chaos ~

If you are interested in following the beliefs of the LOC; you will be required to:

1. submit a one {plus} page essay.
It should include the history/background of character, what issues/actions lead to the realization that your character wants to follow the LOC and which faction, and how it will effect your RP in the future.

Note: If you wish to follow a Lord of Chaos, you are not allowed to follow any other god. Before any Lord of Chaos god mark is placed upon your character, you are required to undedicated from your current religion.

Lastly, not all requests are granted.

Please submit your request to the lead GM.

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