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An adventurer's class is essentially his occupation, and gives others some clue as to what the character's interests and activities are. This is not to say it reflects a character's innermost feelings on such things as religion, money, or sex. It is simply what can be inferred from a first meeting or upon cursory examination. It is the class of an adventurer that determines what guild he is a member of. Each class of adventurer has certain abilities and skills, many of which are particular to that class. [NOTE: Dragons do not belong to any class, and therefore, have no guild.]

High Characteristics scores that would benefit an adventurer of a specific class have been listed below. Commands that are useful to the class have also been listed. Particulars of any command can be found in the Commands section of this manual. The classes an adventurer may be are:

Classes / Professions

• Barbarian •
The barbarian are masters of fighting.
details · spells

• Bard •
Individuals that have the ability to entertain through music, verse, and performance.
details · spells

• Cleric •
Clerics have taken many vows to their deity and are required to uphold the deity's unique practices and codes.
details · spells

• Fighter •
These warriors are deeply trained in the disciplines and arts of war.
details · spells

• Forester •
Roamers of the woodlands, trained in the arts of wilderness survival, scouting, and protection.
details · spells
• Psion •
They have devoted their lives to the pursuit and study of psionic ability.
details · spells

• Thief •
Masters of stealth, deception, and cunning. Don't be afaid of the dark, be afraid of what it hides.
details · spells
Mark Andrew_Goldfine
• Runemage •
Capable of some of the greatest magickal feats in Dragon's Gate.
details · spells


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