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Welcome to those NEW and OLD

New Players Policy Changes:

Attention players of Dragon's Gate and potential players as well. Since many of our new players often travel from other game worlds where they have given up long time characters of their own. And since these players often have a difficult time having to adjust to a new game world starting from scratch without having any role-playing tools to build from. We at Dragon's Gate have decided to offer the following for new players and to our current players who help bring in new ones:

1. Any player who joins Dragon's Gate from another game may email the Lead GM and provide a log of their character from that game and their account name in Dragon's Gate. *One* character on their new Dragon's Gate account can be outfitted with 4 custom RP items to help them establish their characters identity and join the RP of our game world.

2. Any current player of Dragon's Gate who recruits a new player can email the Lead GM with the account name of the new player. Pending confirmation that this is indeed a new player, the person bringing them will win 2 custom RP items for bringing a new friend to Dragon's Gate.

3. When Dragon's Gate closed its doors from the AOL days, we lost many of our players. Since Dragon's Gate made its appearance on the Web in December of 2000 many old Dgate players have returned. There is still some returning today. Any ex-player (who played on AOL or perhaps even the BETA version) who returns to start over their OLD CHARACTER FROM SCRATCH may write the lead GM and give their account name, character name, and a history of the returning character. Pending confirmation it is indeed the same player, the old character may receive 4 custom RP items and their original beta badge returned.

Please Note: The RP items can not be magical items, spells, armor, shields, or weapons.

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