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Coordinator Notes:

Please send all your scrolls in regards to comments, concerns, and questions involving your wedding and party needs to ...

@>~-~ Nikolette Fouchard's scribe ~-~<@

Please include a date, time, and some ideas you have for your event. She will get back to you with an estimate for the cost.


We offer couples four different ways to be bound together. NOTE: Prices subject to change.

Platinum Wedding Package

This ultimate luxury wedding package includes ...

  • More To Come.
  • Exclusive private pavilion, decorated to your style, for ceremony and party. (2 rooms)
  • Wedding Invitations (max 50)
  • Wedding Favors (max 50)
  • The perfect outfit for the perfect wedding for both bride and groom. (up to 6 items each)

    Gold Wedding Package

    This glamorous wedding package for those who want the fairy-tale wedding.

    What you will recieve:
  • More To Come

  • Silver Wedding Package

    This simple but memorable dream day wedding package is for those couples with their budget in mind.

    What you will recieve:
  • More To Come

  • Bronze Wedding Package

    The "Elope with Me!" Plan. This package is for those who are looking for an easy and flexible way to begin their life together. The base cost is 550 gold.

    What you will recieve:
  • 2 Custom made wedding bands
  • A tossable bouquet for the bride
  • Formal Bride and Groom wedding attire (up to 6 items each)
  • A picnic basket with food and drink. Will serve up to 8.

  • Extras for your Special Day

    Wedding Attire

  • Wedding attire for the bride and groom's attendants (bridesmade and groomsman) can be provided through the wedding coordinator. 200 gold per outfit, 6 items


  • Flowers from the hotel gardens will be provided free of charge. However, should you wish to order specific types of flowers i.e. roses / carnations, to be carried by the wedding party, there will be an additional charge of 25 gold per bundle.

    Wedding Cake

  • The price is dependant on the size of the cake. As a guide, the cost for a single tier cake is approximately 25 gold and a double tier is approximately 50 gold. You have the choice of type of cake served.


  • A standard bottle of sparkling wine is approximately 15 gold.
  • A standard bottle of champagne is approximately 20 gold.
  • A decorated fountain with an unlimited flow of your choice of beverage is 100 gold


  • Hair wash and styling - Before the wedding a hairdresser can be arranged to visit you for a wash and style. 150 gold
  • Background Sounds - The ceremony itself can be arranged with music and other background sounds. 250 gold
  • Wedding Favors The price is depending on the item. It may range from 5 500 gold

    This page is still under development.

    Updated: feb 5, 2007

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