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Composition Explainations  


Compositions In Alphabetical Order:

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    Amber colored crystal, literally the crystalized remnants of the poisonous breath weapon some creatures used. Slightly magickal in nature.



    A dark blue high quality metal, secrets of which are only known to hithual mastersmiths. Holds a very keen edge.



    The hard exoskeleton of giant insects and arachnids..



    A transluscent crystal, inherently magickal. Sages speculate it is somehow magick solidified into a crystalline form.



    A firm, silk, lustrous fabric made with flat patterns using a satin weave



    A dull gray metal, very hard to forge. Holds a keen edge and can be enchanted to a high degree.



    A brilliant pure white metal, easy to enchant.



    A glimmering pale silver metal, slightly luminous. magickal properties in the metal allow runespells to be cast without fear of disrupting the spell.



    A dark green quartz-like stone, very easy to enchant and to imbue magickal properties upon. Like flint, can be chipped to make razor-sharp edges.



    A dark golden metal, inherently magickal. Prized by mages as it is one of the most resiliant magickal metals known. Does not interfere with casting.


    (8/2004)New Compositions:



  • Steel slaked in blood during its forging. The steel is tinged red, and is usually forged by priests or mages and is inherently magickal, though it does interfere with casting. {Non-Castable}




  • Gemstone, not the real world version of heliotrope. Dark black with blood red veins or spots. Tinged by chaos and darkness, inherently magickal. Said to be formed when the sacrificial blood during Taathian sacrifices spills across obsidian. {Castable}




  • An alchemic metal, coppery in color. Only formed through alchemic processes, is highly prized in the discipline of alchemy and in ritualistic magick. Can be enchanted, though items made with it will interfere with runespells.




  • Black metal, magickal in nature. Strongly tied to dark magicks, the metal often appears to be a black void, a hole or a tear in the fabric of reality.




  • The skin of a demon, leathery and very tough. Can be enchanted.




  • An alloy formed from gold and silver. {Non-castable}




  • An alloy formed from bronze and brass. {Non-castable.}




  • A pale gold metal, naturally luminescent. It is magickal in nature, but does interfere with casting. Infused with light and the essense of order, said to be a gift from Odarous to match the fell weapons forged from darksteel.




  • A gemstone/crystal, opposite of sunstone, that shimmers slightly. Silvery in color.. slight glow and is cool to the touch. Magickal in nature.




  • A deep black metal. Glistens when light touches it. Harder than steel, can be enchanted. {Non-Castable}




  • (Not mercury) In Aradath quicksilver is a bright silver metal; the magickal qualities in the ore make it appear to be constantly shifting. Ripples and other patterns will appear to dance within the metal itself. {Non-Castable}




  • A silk strengthened by magick. It is very fine and very light. Has runespells woven into the fabric as part of the weaver's art. Shimmers slightly when it moves. Stronger than silk, magickal in nature.




  • Silvery-white metal, highly magickal though it does interfere with casting. Sages speculate the magick within runesilver overpowers the runespell. Easily enchanted, has been forged into some of the finest weapons and armor ever known.




  • Steel that's been folded hundreds and thousands of times during the forging process. Strong and resiliant, holds a keen edge and there are patterns formed from the folding process in the metal.




  • An ore found in fallen stars. It is mirror-like when polished and is naturally a silvery color. A high quality ore, makes fine weapons and armor. Can be enchanted, though not inherently magickal.




  • Gemstone/crystal. While there is a real sunstone, this is an opalescent gemstone. Golden color, has a slight glow and is warm to the touch. Magickal in nature.


    Composition Renditions by: Joseph Michael Conway.

    Composition Descriptions by: Geriant

    (12/2004) More New Compositions:

    Self Explanatory Comps:

  • Wood
  • Parchment
  • Papyrus
  • Peridot
  • Carnelian
  • Brimstone
  • Malachite
  • Sharkskin


  • Moonsilk
    A special silk woven by the windfaeries using captured moonbeams. This incredibly soft and light opalescent light blue silk fabric shimmers with the silvery light of the moon. This fabric is prized by nobles everywhere as the ultimate in fashion and comfort.


  • Sandsilk
    Silk from the great desert wyrms of the wasteland, stronger and heavier than normal silk. Has the weight and strength of leather, but the suppleness of cloth.


  • Shadowsilk
    Silk spun from the fleece of a shadow beast. The resulting fabric has no sheen and the peculiar quality of not making any sound when moved which can be an advantage when trying to hide or move unseen. Prized by thieves.


  • Dragonbone
    The white bone of a dragon. Prized by mages for use in wands and staves, easy to enchant due to the inherent magickal qualities of a dragon.


  • Demonbone
    The deep black bone of a demon, sometimes called ironbone due to its strength. Can be enchanted.


  • Wyvernbone
    The pale yellow bone of a wyvern. Not quite as magickal as dragonbone, still prized by mages.


  • Wyvernscale
    Scales of a wyvern


  • Shadowglass
    metal, translucent. This grayish-black metal does not reflect light, instead it draws light into itself, deepening the shadows around it. Legend has it that Set created this metal for his weapons. *(Non-Castable)*


  • Arcanum
    extremely magickal golden metal, used by Frontacian arch-mages during the height of the Empire to make the gateways and in other great works of magick. Sometimes spoken of as Sa's Gift. Does not interfere with magick.


  • Sagestone
    a milky white stone similar to moonstone, but possessing a golden fire rather than a blue one. Found only in caves of the White Forest, it is highly magickal. Sages discovered that this stone, once attuned, has the ability to store a thought and project it later.


  • Nightstone
    an obsidian like glassy substance with a cloudy thick black middle that is inherently magickal, containing some sort of void like substance.


  • Balestone
    A stone from the Underworld, it can be found as the heart of some powerful undead beings on Aradath. Highly magickal, the color of the stone can vary, but is often black, blood red or dark grey.


  • Grimsilver
    Dark grey metal, only found where the veil between worlds is thin and tainted by chaos and darkness. Magickal in nature.


  • Bloodshard
    A crystal formed from the combination of dark alchemy and necromancy. Ground bone is mixed with blood and through distillation and enchantment is transformed into this dark crimson crystal.


  • Duskwood
    A tree that only seems to grow in 'tainted' forests such as the Dernath and the Dark Forest.


    Composition Descriptions by: Geriant

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