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A list of those who helped bring this game to life ...

Original Concept:
Mark Jacobs

Production & Management:
Mark Jacobs, Darrin Hyrup, Lori Hyrup (Silva)

Game Design & Programming:
Darrin Hyrup, Mark Jacobs

Additional Game Programming:
Roy Sutton, Colin Johanson

Original World Design:
Mark Jacobs, Darrin Hyrup, David Dickinson, Vinny Salzillo, Jean Parks, Michael O'Hasson, Brian Clausen

Additional World Design, Scenarios, and Concepts:
Dan Procopio, Martha Schultze, Tom Powers, Al Hess, David Dickinson, Frank Torres, Brian Peach, Lori Hyrup (Silva), Deb Lawson, Martin Willmarth, Karen Tucker and Colin Johanson

A Woefully Incomplete List of Alpha and Early Beta Testers:
Dan Procopio, Frank Torres, Todd Barnes, Chris Kallini, Dan Truman, Doug Bissell, Brian Peach, Tom Peach, Marcus Bremen, Mike Condon, Mike Steigerwall and others I'm sure have regrettably slipped my mind (D.P.)

Special Thanks To:
David Dickinson for years of hard work and unfailing effort.

Original Manual By: Jean Parks
Revised By: Sharon Mock

Second Edition Manual Revised By: Mark Jacobs
Edited By: Darrin Hyrup

Third Edition Manual Revised By: Margret Courtney
Edited By: Dan Procopio, Mark Jacobs

Fourth Edition Manual Revised By: Irving Gilbert & Lennart Bjorksten
Edited By: Darrin Hyrup

Fifth Edition Manual Revised by: DGateMaven
Edited By: DGateMaven & Mark Walker

Sixth Edition (6/04) Manual Revised by: Vaile, Gia, Siara, Rygiel, Dune, Sakari, Baily, Tyviel'a, Derian, Geriant, Sethrin, Theryn, Kaziah, Liam, Whymish, Delphi, Vorlock, Agilulf, Zaide
Edited By: Colin Johanson, Kristine Blumer, Darrin Hyrup

Original Web Design by: Mark Walker & Kim Schon
Current Web Site Design <7/04>: Kristine Blumer, Darrin Hyrup

Additional Credits and Thanks ...

Gobbie Pictures: Ryan

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