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Greetings citizens of
Spur, Emjedah, Treehaven, and Rathan

Citizens who run or write for a paper/publication are eligible to receive payment from the cities coffers. The editor of the paper/publication must first make sure the paper is approved ahead of time by the social event coordinator. After each publication, the editor is to send a report to the social event coordinator that contains the names of the editor of the publication, as well as the names of those that wrote the articles.

Rewards are as follows:

  • For every full paper edited and published (minimum 8 articles) the editor will be paid 500 gold.
  • For each article in the paper (minimum 400 words) the writer will be paid 150 gold.
  • For each poem/song in the paper (minimum 10 lines) the writer will be paid 50 gold.

    The editor will be paid the full amount for the work done, and it is the editor’s responsibility to pay those that have had their submissions published. Editors or publishers who are found to have not paid their staff will have their papers/publications closed immediately.

  • Publishing:

    You are welcome to publish your paper/publication on your own website. If the publication follows the spirit of the game, we have a place on the website to link players to your site. We also encourage players to post on the message boards. If you wish to get your own posting folder for your publication you will need to demonstrate your paper/publication is going to publish six times a year. To demonstrate this, staff would like to see you post at least 3 consecutive issues under a general city folder. If we see that you have had some success at finding writers and/or provoking community interest, we may open a ‘special’ posting folder for your publication.


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