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A Guide to Peddles ...

Various peddlers come to Spur on a fairly regular basis to sell a wide variety of items, which allows players to obtain unique items for their characters. A schedule of peddles is listed each month on the Dragon's Gate Event Calendar.

Peddle Etiquette ...

Please keep your comments and actions to a minimum while attending a peddle. This enables the merchant to more effectively sell his or her items. It is also difficult for a peddler to answer whispers.

When your character is new, often times the items for sale will be out of your price range. This is similar to real life, and with a bit of hunting you will soon be able to afford items you wish to buy.

Types of Peddles ...

Auctions: Simply put, a peddler brings a set of items and begins the bid at a certain amount. The item is sold to the highest bidder.

Custom Peddles: Some merchants take orders for custom items, such as clothing, lights, or roleplay items. Most often you place your order, pay for the item, and pick it up at a later date which is announced at the time you order. Have your idea ready when your turn comes...People wait in line for Custom Peddle items and taking too long with the peddler is frustrating for those waiting behind you.

Resizing: A merchant comes to Spur and makes adjustments on items you own for a fee. Resizing enables a character to use an item previously sized for another race.

Renaming: Renaming involves changing the adjectives that describe the item, i.e., you could have a "rusty iron dagger" changed into a "highly polished iron dagger." One thing that renamers CANNOT do is change the material the item is made of--The iron dagger can't become a moonsilver dagger, for example. Also, there are limitations to the length and words that can be attached to your item. It's a good idea to have your changes thought out beforehand, but please be understanding if your exact concept has to be altered slightly to fit into the scheme of things. Items must also fit into the atmosphere of Spur, i.e., a roughly medieval setting.

Padding: Padding involves adding strength to armor, i.e., increasing the amount of damage it can block. This is somewhat pricey, and doesn't dramatically increase the amount of damage blocked. It also adds to the weight of the armor. Be aware that any item can only be altered a maximum of three times total.

Sharpening: Sharpening a weapon slightly increases the damage it can do. Be aware that any item can only be altered a maximum of three times total.


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