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Updated: 11/24/06

Greetings citizens of
Spur and Treehaven
New Merchant System Guidelines

Our Merchant system guidelines have once again been revamped and updated. We hope these new Guidelines will make it easier all around for both Players and for Elders, and promote role-playing instead of hindering it due to massive amounts of confusing rules.

Please note, shops will only be available to the players. As of today, merchant status can not be purchased. Merchant status can only be achieved through quality RP, dedication, and quality of proposed, planned, and produced peddles. See Below for details.

How to become a shop owner:

1. Cost to own a shop is 5000 gold AND cost for the initial stock, for your shop. (The initial stock will need to be approved by the merchant’s guild). The 5000 gold includes a Building and fees to the City. When you build a Shop you will be required to follow a Theme with said shop. You may pick from a variety of themes, with the exceptions of "high level" weapons/armor and magick items. You will be allowed to design 15 items, and will receive 20 of each item for your initial stock. You will pay for these items, and will be allowed to set prices for them, and receive all profits from them.

2. To become a shop owner you will send an email to Included will be a Theme, A design for your shop, a preferred location, and the initial items for stock. In return you will be notified as to the acceptability of your design, your location and your items, along with the final cost needed to complete the transaction. Suggested Themes that will be approved:

  • -Jewelry (rings, earrings, necklaces, toe rings, trinkets, etc)
  • -clothing (boots, pants, shirts, coats, hats, gloves, etc)
  • -Containers (boxes, bags, packs, chests, etc)
  • -armor (shields, armguards, armor, helms)
  • -weapons (sharps, poles, blunts, throws, missiles)
  • -lore (books, writing items, historical items, artifacts. must be a misc item)
  • -food and drink (limited to food and drink.)
  • -Magick Shop ( Can not be ordered, but can be stocked by attending magick peddles)
  • -Alchemy shops (Can order minor vigor and healing, and also PSI/Frontie drugs potions. Can stock poisons, misc RP items related to alchemy bought at peddles.)

    3. Each month you may order 1-line item for your shop. You may add to an item that is selling well. You may replace an item that is not selling. You may add another item to your stock. You will be buying a bulk of 20 items, so be prepared to pay for such. THERE WILL BE NO BACKORDERS ALLOWED. YOU CAN ORDER EACH AND EVERY MONTH. All orders will go to ONLY orders to that email will be handled. Items will be picked up at the following Barrister hours, as long as the order has been received more than 3 days before. Items received the day before, or hours before will be ready the following week (or 2 weeks depending on the Calendar). Special hours for pickup can be arranged if it is convenient for both Elder and player.

    4. You are welcome to add stock to your shop that you have procured in other ways as long as it fits the theme of the shop. Perhaps you have a shoe shop and acquire 10 pairs of shoes while hunting, you may stock them. You buy some fancy shoes at a peddle, absolutely you may stock them. You trade 10 cookies with the cookie Merchant, for 3 pairs of shoes, you can stock them. You are not restricted to having to stock items ordered, but you still are restricted to items that fit your theme. Buying and trading with other merchants or citizens is encouraged.

    5. If your shop falls into what the City deems "disrepair" it will be taken from you. This means your stock no longer reflects the Theme. You have no stock. You do not restock, nor do you try to adjust your stock to make sure things are selling. If you are only selling 1 item, if you have the same initial 15 items, none of which have sold in 6 months and you haven't attempted to change them, if you are a shoe store and are selling elven waybread, you can expect the City to step in and confiscate your shop. Shop owners will always be notified as to a concern with their shop, prior to it being taken away. Justification for each situation will be taken into consideration.

    Also, the shop owner must make periodic appearances and maintain the property. If a shop owner disappears for a significant period of time, the Merchant’s Guild reserves the right to confiscate the property to prevent lower of property values from non-maintained buildings. At its discretion, the Guild may close the shop, sell it, or run the shop themselves, keeping all profit. If a shop owner expects to be away for an extended period of time, it is suggested he or she send a scroll to the Merchant's Guild, who will manage the property in the owner’s absence.

    6. If you wish to attain MERCHANT STATUS, above Shop Owner Status. You will be required to hold Peddles. Peddles will consist of you coming up with 12-18 items that FIT the theme of your profession. You will set a time and a date that fits within the following month's Calendar. Items will be crafted for you, and you will be given them to sell. You will then receive 5% of the amount brought in by the Peddle. Hold regular peddles, make decent profits, and you will be made a full Merchant. *Please note the quality of items, the turn out and the profit will weigh heavily on the decision of the Merchant Guild to grant you full Merchant Status. Quality will always win out over quantity.

    Once Merchant Status is achieved you may receive:

  • Lowered cost of items.
  • One special order, in your specialty, besides the one per month for their shop.

    7. There will be no more buying items for special orders. We have merchants in the City (i.e. Broyce, Rurik, etc.) that will be handling those types of situations. You will be buying items strictly for your shop. If you have customer that needs an item they feel they can't live without, the Master Merchant's of the City should be contacted at the appropriate event.



    Dear Player Base,

    This is not a new issue but one that seems to be happening more lately so we, the staff, feel the need to bring it to your attention in the hopes that as a community we can find a solution.

    Due to coding, game issues, and sometimes simple elder mistakes (gah can you believe we make them), players homes and shops have been left compromised due to doors left open or locks not working or flags on items resetting during actual game resets.

    We are asking our player base to please if they come across a home / shop that is open with many expensive and not so expensive items just left unprotected to please realize that more likely then not it’s a mechanical or elder mistake. Please do not take advantage of the situation. Assist and have a staff member review the area and see if it is a true bug. If it is you will receive a custom RP award as a prize. If not, you are welcome to do as your character would do.

    We thank you for your time and consideration with this. We are hoping a simple letter will inspire you all to help us out with this. If the problem continues staff may need to take further steps to ensure the homes/shops players have paid so much for.


    E-mail Door or Lock Bug



    Go Play! Go Play! Go Play!