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Greetings citizens of
Spur, Emjedah, Auerhaven, and Treehaven.

Welcome to Aradath Housing

I know one of the most complex and important financial events in your lives is the purchase or sale of your home or investment property. As a result, I have thoroughly researched and have knowledge of the real estate market in your community. My name is Able Kronos, traveling estate salesman. Look for me soon in your neighborhood.

I will be hosting office hours will vary. Look for me on the community calendar.

Abel Kronos
Kronos Construction, LTD.
~ Contact ~



This is a handy guide to all your questions about purchasing your dream home!

How much will it cost?

  • 1500 gold per parcel/room for the land only.

  • Any additional comforts that you add are extra. See the list below for the prices.

    Where can I build my home?

    You may build your home in the housing districts of:

  • Spur
  • Meetpoint
  • Treehaven
  • Emjedah
  • Auerhaven
  • Rathan - Rathan has currently CLOSED its housing offices as per the order of King Loa'kass.
  • How do I begin the process?

    First, pick out a spot that you like the most and send it in a scroll to my scribe ( )

    I will return your note with the costs of building your new home attached and will await your approval before we begin.

    I will collect a 500 gold non-refundable down payment from you.

    I will notify you when your home is finished.

    Ok, I got the gold, now what?

    Deciding where to live is only one small part of the process. You can design your home to be exactly how you want it within the guidelines set up here.

  • Send me an exact description of each parcel/room. (ROOM DESCRIPTIONS CAN NOT EXCEED 999 CHARACTERS INCLUDING SPACES)

  • List the room with the appropriate containers, items, or amenities in as detailed description as possible, I will do everything in my power to accommodate your wishes. (THERE CAN ONLY BE 20 ITEMS PLACED IN ONE ROOM)

    What if I donít have all the gold to buy a home today?

    Wait until you have earned enough gold to build the home that you wish. I require a full payment when we walk through the finished project.

    If you wish, we can begin by building one room at a time. Payment is due for each room as we finish.

    What if I want to buy a home with someone else?

    Because of the nature of the realms, one person alone is the titled owner of the real estate. You may take gold from as many partners as you wish, but my company does not recognize such partnerships and you will be liable for all the costs and/or responsibility.

    Can I sell or move my home?

    Yes, you may sell your home to someone else. There will be a 100 gold title fee.

    You may sell your home back to me for a 20% commission.

    Yes, we can move your home. The cost of moving will vary from region to region and is at the discretion of my foreman.

    What if I donít like the house after we are done, or wish to make changes after construction is done?

  • Construction mistakes are common in our business. I will endeavor to correct any mistakes that my crew has made as quickly as possible. I will guarantee our work for as long as you own the home.

  • Beyond the final payment, the real estate owner is responsible for a fee of 100 gold for each item or room changed in addition to the cost of the item or room being changed. This includes, but is not limited to: containers, room descriptions, room names, (other then typos and errors made by the housing coordinator), portals, exits, home location, items, and triggers and read-texts.

  • If you still are not happy, I will work with you to solve the problem.

    What if I neglect the outside portion of my home?

    All home owners are required to keep their property respectable and kept. Those who leave Aradath for a period of time of one Aradathian year (6 elven months) must drop a note to the housing coordinator to set up a maintenance crew for their estate. However, if after 6 elven months a home is in disarray from lack of use and maintenance, the home will revert back to the city proper to be reconditioned and sold for lack of tax payment to the city.

    What is the difference between a shop and a home?

  • A home is a dwelling where one lives.

  • A shop is a place of business where customers come and exchange coin for items. Please contact the shop coordinator, :: Nils Hegins :: , if you wish to own a business.

  • You may purchase a total of 8 parcels of land in Aradath. They can either be a home, a store or a combination. Please see the :: merchant page :: for rules concerning stores.

    How many homes may I own?

  • One.

    Below is a list of prices for items to add to your home.


  • Cost: 1500 gold
  • Includes

  • One outside door that includes our BEST lock with autolocking ability.
  • One simple container without a lock (10 hold/unlimited weight) per room.
  • You may own a MAXIMUM of 8 rooms per resident in Aradath. No Combining of homes are allowed at this time.

    You may only build a house in the in the housing districts.


    (Number of items the container holds/weight of all the items the container holds)

  • Basic Container (20/15) - 100 gold
  • Gem Container (60/5) 200 gold
  • Small Container (25/50) - 150 gold
  • Large Container (25/100) - 300 gold
  • Armor Container (5/650) - 150 gold
  • Small Item Container (40/40) - 200 gold
  • Heavy Weapon Container (10/400) - 200 gold
  • Food Container (30/60) - 200 gold
  • Light Weapon Container (20/150) - 250 gold

  • Lock style 1 - Good - 50 gold
  • Lock style 2 - Better - 200 gold
  • Lock style 3 - Best - 500 gold
  • Lock rules

  • All items (containers) with a lock on them Ö must be visible or searchable.
  • No containers will be auto-closing unless their locks are the best.
  • KEYS

  • Each house comes with one free key number, and up to 5 key duplicates.
  • Each key number beyond that costs 100 gold each.
  • Each home may only use 5 key numbers
  • Each home can have up to 5 duplicates of each key number.
  • Be careful of who you give your keys to, no exceptions will be made.
  • Filling your home with items.

    BASIC ITEMS- 25 gold each ~ (example: A table)

    Your Items should look like this ...

  • [Modifier] [Color] [Composition] [Name] {No more than 23 characters in the name}

  • (example: Tall(mod) black(color) wooden (comp) coat rack (name).

  • Modifier and colors are adjectives coded into the data base. If you havenít seen an item in the game with that adjective, it probably doesnít exist (in the data base).

  • Compositions are exactly that: what things are made out of.

  • Names can be just about anything, up to 23 characters including spaces.

    ** 11/04 :: NO NEW COMPOSITIONS :: can be used on housing items. (These include: bloodsteel, bloodstone, chitin, cuprum, damask, demonskin, electrum, latten, moonstone, niello, quicksilver, runesilk, runesilver, samite, silksteel, starsteel, sunstone, darksteel, luminar)

    **If you wish for a new composition for your home,
    you must seek PC merchant. **

  • Pool - functioning at 5 feet deep - 2000 gold

  • Fountain / Well - 500 gold

  • Portals - ANY PORTAL - 50 gold

    Portal rules:

    Portals are inside doors, arches, stairs, steps, ladders, and chutes:

  • No one way doors and no Race/Religion/Class only doors.

  • Doors, arches, other items you walk through to get to another room can be searchable hidden or perm hidden if you put its description in the room.

  • All doors with LOCKS must be either visible or searchable. No perm hidden doors.

  • Windows and Peepholes - 25 gold


    Special Housing Items

  • One unique description (read-text) on items per home Ė 200 gold

  • Password key / Triggers - 5000 gold (one per house hold)

  • A trigger is a phrase or action that can trigger an exit to appear or disappear in your home. You may also have various other actions result from given actions.

  • No trans spell placed on all the rooms in your home. - 5000 gold


  • Titles are no longer granted to those who purchase housing/estates.

  • Noble Lane housing areas are restricted to discretion of housing manager and city officials.

  • Currently, no housing will be built in Eastern Housing or the Poor Quarter.

  • No more than 20 feet drops in homes.

  • Fly up in homes Okay because of flight spells. No more then 20 feet.

    Everything else is negotiable

    Addendums ....

    Please take note of the following:

    1. If you are caught AFK SCRIPTING IN YOUR HOME, you will LOSE your home and NO REFUND will be given.

    2. Rules subject to change without notice.

    Gia Afari
    Lead GM
    ~ Gia's Scribe ~

    MAPS ....

    This is the Map Area

    Click to view housing regions ... It should be noted that the areas highlighted in YELLOW on the maps are the only areas I can build in per that region.

    An overview of

    SPUR (Housing in Yellow ~ Estates in Purple)

    MEETPOINT ~ (With in the Fort's Walls)

    EDGEWATER (See Housing Coordinator)

    TREEHAVEN ~ (Housing in Yellow)

  • All housing must be approved by the Treehaven council.

  • EMJEDAH ~ (Housing in Yellow ~ Estates in Purple)

    RATHAN (Housing in Yellow ~ Estates in Purple)

    Rathan has currently CLOSED its housing offices as per the order of King Loa'kass. I am unable to provide housing in this area.

    Abel Kronos
    Kronos Construction, LTD.
    ~ Housing Scribe ~.

    A Collection of Aradath Maps

    Unoffical Maps

    Updated: feb 5, 2007

  • blank


    Dear Player Base,

    This is not a new issue but one that seems to be happening more lately so we, the staff, feel the need to bring it to your attention in the hopes that as a community we can find a solution.

    Due to coding, game issues, and sometimes simple elder mistakes (gah can you believe we make them), players homes and shops have been left compromised due to doors left open or locks not working or flags on items resetting during actual game resets.

    We are asking our player base to please if they come across a home / shop that is open with many expensive and not so expensive items just left unprotected to please realize that more likely then not itís a mechanical or elder mistake. Please do not take advantage of the situation. Assist and have a staff member review the area and see if it is a true bug. If it is you will receive a custom RP award as a prize. If not, you are welcome to do as your character would do.

    We thank you for your time and consideration with this. We are hoping a simple letter will inspire you all to help us out with this. If the problem continues staff may need to take further steps to ensure the homes/shops players have paid so much for.


    E-mail Door or Lock Bug



    Go Play! Go Play! Go Play!