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Melraath SilentPaw

Character Race: Leuian

Character Profession: Thief

Character Religion Affiliation: none


    Melraath has been prowling the streets of Spur for ages. He is one of the oldest surviving members of Spur's Thieves' Guild and is one of the best among today's Guild.

He adopted the title of Prince of Thieves when Slide Shoteron was High Priest of Set and gifted him with a shadowy black ebony thief's crown for services rendered the Temple and the Guild.

When Arioch returned to Aradath, Melraath assisted Alsan Lacar in raising him to power and building his Ranks. Melraath, through the supplication of Cousin Reason to Set, was removed from the ranks of Set's Shadowed Fold for his work with Arioch.

During a time of chaos in the world and his life, Melraath left Spur to find Leuia, that floating home of his kind, although he was always and will always be Tarr'khat (the first so named, formally, by the Spurian Pride during the time of Khatyr Paratwa Os'kalaq).

After many travels and some time living a quiet life as a fisherman on the isle of Leuia, Melraath returned to Spur to resume his life in the shadows of the city.

An horrendous shipwreck left him nearly lifeless, absolutely naked, and destroyed his memory of all the knowledge and skills he obtained in his long and exciting life. He washed up in the Dirkith, dead, and Set raised him back to life, although he no longer bore His mark.

Very soon after returning to Spur, Melraath was recruited into the ranks of Evoloch's temple by none other than Lord Priest Maloveous, de facto Ruler of Saldaea. He has done much in working toward the Balance in his own life that the Lord of Time, Evoloch, espouses.

During Melraath's life, he has made many enemies and many friends, (and enemies out of friends, and friends out of enemies) and was even married for a time, to Lissannde SilentPaw, who disappeared into Set's arms eternally, dying the final death.

Melraath was the Brave and Fearless Leader and Editor of the newspaper, 'The Spurian Slanderer', currently Spur's most widely distributed and frequently published newspaper.

Melraath was the Guildmaster of the Spurian Thieves' Guild. He ran many small businesses and a ring of harlots from his home in the Poor Quarter. He broke all ties with Evoloch and Lord Priest Maloveous and was seeking the Way of Set's temple.

Melraath was removed as a member of the Spurian Merchant's Guild, his shop closed by order of Governor High Lord Merlin, and he was accused of deceptive business tactics. Within days, his corpse, appearing withered and drained, was found lying on the floor outside of his office at the Spurian Slanderer building. It was obvious he was killed elsewhere and his corpse dumped there, as his colleague who discovered his corpse had been there not long before. Melraath was given a brief memorial by close friends in Spur Park, and a larger one later.

~ Author Unknown


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